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Bureaucrat and Administrator


Chat Moderators and Rollbacks

Currently none.

Comment Team

Comment Team members can edit and delete comments on the wiki.

Currently none.

What are the different user groups, and what can they do?

Administrators are users who can block users, lock pages, delete pages, and do everything of all the other user groups.

Bureaucrats are users who have all the functions of an admin, but can also promote new comment team members, rollbacks, admins, and bureaucrats.

Rollbacks are users who have the ability to protect pages, and rollback vandalism and bad edits.

Comment Team members are users who have the ability to edit or delete comments. They may use their abilities ONLY to delete/edit bad or disturbing comments, or to delete ship warring comments and give the user a warning.

Chat Moderators are users who have the ability to kick/ban users from chat.