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"Three for the Road"
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Season 1, Episode 6
Episode Information
Premiere date: July 16, 2013
Viewers: 1.58 Million [1]
Written by: David Babcock
Directed by: Joe Lazarov
Episode Chronology
Previous Episode: "The Fest And The Furious"
Next Episode: "We Need To Talk About Danny"
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Three for the Road is the sixth episode of Season One of the ABC Family show, Twisted. It premiered on July 16, 2013. [2]


Lacey and Danny decide to  go on a road trip to Connecticut in hopes of learning who mailed Regina the money and Jo tags along; they all hit the road without telling their parents (Jo even sneaks out). Jo and Lacey are bickering the entire time while Danny tries to play peacemaker as he blatantly disobeys his parole by crossing state lines. Once there, they are told by the guard at the front desk of the apartments to leave and stop playing jokes. After Jo and Lacey argue and discuss why they drifted apart, they don't talk to each other for awhile, both clearly upset. Danny leaves the girls to get into the apartment while the two reconcile and apologize to each other. When the girls check the tenant directory, they learn that apartment 413 was Vikram Desai's old apartment but they don't tell Danny to avoid hurting him -- at least until they know why he sent Regina money. Danny avoids his parole twice.

Sub Plot[]

After Jo sneaks out, Kyle goes crazy looking for her while Tess says she is fine and probably out with friends. The parents get into an argument on how to raise their daughter before Kyle storms out to find Jo and then go to his office. Meanwhile Rico has been contemplating coming clean about seeing Karen throw the necklace into the lake, and after Kyle goes to him in search of Jo he acts suspicious. After trying to learn what he knows, Rico says he can't tell him because it would incriminate Danny and Jo really cares about him and he can't hurt Jo. Kyle tells Rico that if Danny is the killer, and Jo gets sucked in she could get hurt "for real", and after Rico thinks about it, he confesses to Kyle, "even if he ends up hurting Jo".

Third Plot[]

Karen visits the Masterson residence just as Kyle and Tess are fighting, and pays Tess for Danny's pottery lessons.Once Kyle leaves, Tess and Karen are bonding and talking about the past and their kids. Tess eventually talks Karen into a pottery lesson after Karen compliments Tess' work. They talk more about the old times and get into high school, revealing that Vikram and Tess used to date. Karen realizes she keeps bringing up Vik too much and Tess tells her that it has only been six months and cuts her some slack. The women then reminisce back to smoking pot from Tess' stash. She then reveals she has a current stash that Kyle knows nothing about and that sometimes when he's working late and Jo's asleep she digs into it and smokes. Karen asks where it is and they get to it. While high, the two apologize to each other for everything in the past, and then go on to talk about their relationships with Vik randomly. Tess slips and reveals that she slept with Vikram many times while he was dating Karen, who feels stupid for trusting Tess and storms out. However, later she comes back and the two finish making Karen's pottery while she swears to never smoke pot again and Tess jokingly agrees but then says she will.


Main Cast[]

Guest Cast[]

  • James Moses Black as the Security Guard


  • Lacey and Danny plan to go on a road trip to Connecticut to find out who mailed Regina the money.
  • Jo finds out about the road trip and, after not being able to trick her father, sneaks out to join Danny and Lacey.
  • Tess and Karen bond by pottery and smoking marijuana "like old times".
  • Jo reveals that she and Lacey drifted apart after Lacey told a girl not to invite Jo to her party in the seventh grade because she would make it miserable for everyone. Lacey reveals that she did that because it was really difficult to be around Jo and she got tired of being pulled down by her while trying to cope with the murder trauma. Jo is still hurt and yells at Lacey before storming off.
  • Danny violates his parole twice in this episode by crossing the state line and breaking into an apartment complex.
  • Jo and Lacey semi-reconcile.
  • Tess and Karen are talking about the past and reveal that Tess used to date Vikram.
  • Tess, while stoned, accidentally slips and reveals that she and Vik slept together on numerous occasions while he was dating Karen.
  • Karen and Tess are briefly not friends, again... Until Karen comes over later and they finish making her pot.
  • Rico tells Kyle that he saw Karen throw the necklace into a river.
  • Lacey and Jo discover that it was Vikram's apartment and they don't tell Danny.