"Socio Studies 101"
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Premiere date: August 20, 2013
Viewers: 0.99 Million [1]
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Previous Episode: "Poison of Interest"
Next Episode: "Out With The In-Crowd"
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Twisted Season 1 "Catch Up" Promo (HD)

Twisted Season 1 "Catch Up" Promo (HD)

Socio Studies 101 is a special recap episode narrated by Ashton Moio, who plays the character of Rico on the ABC Family show, Twisted. The special recap takes moments from the first 10 episodes leading to the mid-season finale. It premiered on August 20, 2013.[2]


The episode takes a look at the pivotal moments that changed the course of Regina Crane's murder investigation and of friendships and romances, both old and new. The recap takes us back to Danny Desai's first day back in Green Grove after spending five years in juvenile detention for the mysterious murder of his aunt, Tara Desai. Immediately branded a "socio," Danny tries to reconnect with his two childhood best friends, Jo Masterson and Lacey Porter. He becomes the prime suspect when a fellow student is found dead in her home and the twists and turns of the murder mystery begin to unravel amidst high school romance and heartbreak and small town lies, secrets, and scandal.


  • Ashton Moio (Rico) is said to be narrator of Socio 101 according to ABC Family Tripod Twisted Spoilers.
  • Another similar recap was aired the week before the season 4 premiere of Pretty Little Liars, another show on ABC Family.