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God, I hate when that happens. It's hard out there for a pimp.
Biographical Information
Status: Alive
Age: 16
Home: Green Grove
Affiliation: Student
Occupation: Green Grove High School
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Show Information
Portrayed by: Ashton Moio
First appearance: "Pilot"
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Rico is a main character in Twisted. He is also Jo's best friend and "study buddy" he is also Andie's boyfriend. He is portrayed by Ashton Moio.


He is Jo's best friend, but he also has very strong feelings for her which she is oblivious to. He has claimed to love murder-mysteries. He is very unpopular at school due to his intelligence and social awkwardness around anyone besides Jo. He also believes Danny to be innocent, but is starting to question whether that is the right decision.

Physical Appearance[]

Medium height, short brown hair. He wears a lot of plaid, hoodies, and jeans with converse.


Season 1


Jo Masterson[]

Main article: Jo and Rico

There is little information about Rico and Jo's relationship. They are best friends. In Pilot, they are seen talking and studying together. Rico used to have a crush on Jo so he is currently dating Andie.

Jo and Rico at Park.jpg

Danny Desai[]

Rico and Danny get along, but he seems to be jealous of Jo's friendship with Danny but overcomes his jealously and accepts Danny as a friend.

Lacey Porter[]

He and Lacey officially met at Green Grove High School when she went up to him and Jo. He let Lacey know about the tape concerning her & Danny, and in addition told her that Jo thought she was in love with Danny. He defended Lacey to Jo, telling her that Lacey was not having a good day at school when he went to Jo's home to give her that day's homework.

Andie Dang[]

Andie is Rico's girlfriend they first met in Home Is Where the Hurt Is and she developed a crush on Rico and ended up going to the homecoming dance together.


  • He sides with Jo and decides to help in proving that Danny is innocent.
  • He and Jo get really good grades in school.
  • He is revealed to have had a crush on Jo in Out With The In-Crowd but gets over it.
  • He seems to be sometimes nervous around Danny alone.
  • He kisses Jo in the mid-season finale Out With The In-Crowd.
  • He is currently dating Andie.