Phoebe Daly
Biographical Information
Status: Alive
Age: 16 years old
Home: Green Grove, New York
Affiliation: Student
Occupation: Green Grove High School
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Blue

Regina (Ex-Bestfriend)

Show Information
Portrayed by: Brittany Curran
First appearance: "Grief Is A Five Letter Word"
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Phoebe Daly is a recurring character on Twisted. She is a former best friend of Regina Crane, friend of Lacey Porter, frenemy of Sarita, and sister of Tyler Lewis. Phoebe is commonly disliked for her quirky personality despite her popular girl status. She is portrayed by Brittany Curran.


Season OneEdit

In Grief Is a Five Letter Word, Phoebe is introduced as a grieving former friend of recently deceased Regina Crane. Her relationship with Regina was tumultuous and it appeared that Phoebe was milking Regina's death for publicity. Phoebe later revealed to Lacey that she and Regina were once close friends but had a falling out over a boy. At grief counseling, Lacey freaks out on Phoebe and she then leaves to be alone in the hallway. After the service, Lacey talks to Phoebe and the girls become friends while Lacey reveals that her last interaction with Regina wasn't the best either, recalling that she yelled at Regina for embarrassing her in front of Danny.

In PSA De Resistance, Phoebe directs the school sobriety skit.

In Sleeping with the Frenemy, Phoebe attends a sleepover at Lacey's house with Jo and Sarita.

In The Fest And The Furious, Phoebe takes a trip to Manhattan for the weekend with her parents and her brother, Tyler.

In Three For The Road, Lacey mentions to Danny and Jo that she has to meet Phoebe and Sarita at the mall.

In We Need To Talk About Danny, Tyler throws his annual birthday bash at the cemetery and Phoebe reluctantly agrees to go with her friends.

In Out With The In-Crowd, Phoebe reveals that she didn't scratch Regina. It was presumably the person in the car that was driving away when Phoebe confronted Regina because once Regina noticed she was bleeding she turned around and yelled "that bitch!" at the car. The car's license plate matches that of Marilyn Rossi in the present day. However, Phoebe didn't see who scratched Regina because the car's windows were tinted.

Physical AppearanceEdit



  • She used to be good friends with Regina until they fell out the year before her death.
  • She has an older brother named Tyler who will pursue Jo.
  • Phoebe is known for her quirky personality.