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"Out With The In-Crowd"
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Season 1, Episode 11
Episode Information
Premiere date: August 27, 2013
Viewers: 1.62[1]
Written by: Debra J. Fisher
Directed by: Joe Lazarov
Episode Chronology
Previous Episode: "Socio Studies 101"
Next Episode: "Dead Men Tell Big Tales"
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Out With The In-Crowd is the mid-summer finale episode of Season One of the ABC Family show, Twisted. It premiered on August 27, 2013.[2]


After Lacey Porter and Rico confront Doug about The Video, Lacey ends up offending and angering Eloise.  Eloise then has her way (as she "never forgets") and makes the video viral.  Lacey is made an outcast at school and is forced to face it alone. Jo, who saw the video while at Johnny Cakes the other night, decides to stay home to tend to her wounded heart.  Lacey spends the day being ostracized, laughed at, whispered about and taunted by the entire school and ignored by her closest friends.  Her locker has been vandalized with words like "socio slut" and "nympho."  She remembers Phoebe being on the outs with her friends a few months ago and realizes she regrets it.  Lacey tries to apologize to Archie for hurting him; he obviously has mixed feelings because although he wouldn't allow his friends to taunt her, and has also made it clear that she wasn't welcome at the celebration the soccer team was having for making regionals.  

Danny Desai, who  was expelled the day before, texts both Lacey and Jo, but when neither respond he stops by the school to check up on Lacey.  He admits to feeling guilty over everything that is happening to Lacey but Lacey reassures him it is not his fault  and that she makes her own bad decisions.  Danny looks hurt, thinking she is referring to him as a bad decision, but quickly masks it and asks her to go with him to Jo's  home and make things right.  Lacey at first is hesitant  saying that they  should give her space because she is hurting, but Danny pushes her to finally agree.  Before Danny and Lacey get to Jo's house, Rico tries to explain that Lacey and Danny were over and that Lacey had a really tough day at school, but Jo said she didn't care.  At Jo's house, Lacey and Danny try to explain they never meant to hurt Jo but accidentally reveal that Rico also knew about the video tape.  This makes Jo think everyone is 'betraying' her and kicks them out.  They leave realizing she needs more time to process everything that happened.

Jo's parents take her to a movie to get her mind of Danny and the video.  At the theater, they run into Tyler, who invites her over for a film club party, and Jo eventually accepts.  Tyler's group discusses a movie and it's clear that Jo somewhat sticks out, though Tyler is more welcoming.  Jo and Tyler go to his room  to hang out and watch a video on his laptop.  They begin kissing which quickly escalates and would have gone further, except that Jo stops to say she can't continue.  Tyler tells her the only way to get over someone is to move on to someone else.  Jo considers this and texts Danny to meet her in McNally Park.

Danny climbs into Lacey's bedroom window unannounced and tells her he feels guilty for being the reason she has lost her friends and has a plan to fix it.  Later that evening, Lacey shows up at the celebration at Johhny Cakes where Sarita tells her she "has a a lot of nerve" for coming.  Though Lacey congratulates Archie again, he is still  cold to her.  She receives a text from Danny telling her to "say it all like we rehearsed" and he shows up minutes later.  Archie confronts Danny and tells him to remember how the last time he got on his bad side, what happened.  "Yeah" said Danny, looking at Cole "look what happened"  -- this was a hint that he had something to do with Cole's poisoning, though most of the people around blew it off.  He then offers to let Danny walk out.... while he still can.  At that point Lacey harshly tells Danny to get out, though to the viewer, this seems to have been said  very half-heartedly.  Danny looks remotely saddened and asks her if she was going to throw away everything they had, and she says what they had was meaningless and it hurt people she cared about.  As Danny starts to leave, Lacey sees that Sarita and Phoebe don't seem too impressed by her public denouncing, so she turns to Danny and exclaims "I wish you had never come back here. I wish I had never known you."  These lines were not rehearsed and Danny looks up in surprise.  He is deeply and genuinely hurt by this (a look of sadness written all over his face) as he believes Lacey might have really meant these words.  Lacey's friends finally seem to approve.  

As soon as Archie and Lacey make amends, Lacey  questions what he meant by referring to 'look what happened the last time" about Danny; he quietly admits he and Scott Hogdins poisoned Cole to get Danny kicked off the team but they didn't mean for him to end up hospitalized.  Lacey is shocked but she goes along and acts like she is okay with this.  They share onion rings at their friend's table and Lacey is obviously perturbed about what she has learned and is unable to enjoy herself.

Danny texts Cole to meet him, and tells him that Archie Yates practically confessed to the poisoning which Cole unhappily accepts.  Danny says he he wouldn't be able to trust Archie if he were Cole.  Cole returns to Johhny Cakes and confronts Archie, who angrily denies it and states that Cole simply has a soft spot for Danny. When Scott adds that Cole needs to respect Archie as his captain, it pushes Lacey too far and she stands up for Danny by telling everyone what Archie confessed to her only minutes ago.  Archie then asks who they'll believe, him or the socio-loving Lacey who was just screwing him "fifteen minutes ago".  Cole, having gotten Lacey's  confirmation, says "good luck wining nationals without [him]" and walks out.  Lacey proceeds to leave but not without telling Archie that if he has any self-respect left, he would tell everyone the truth.  He tells her to get out  to which she replies that he doesn't have to worry, she's already gone; then turn and says to Sarita "using Regina to shame me?  Low blow Sarita" before walking out. 

Meanwhile Jo meets Danny and asks if he there is any chance he will ever think about her as more than friends He tries to be polite by stating that she is the most incredible person he knows to which she responds asking him not to patronize her.  He says he is not and says that their friendship means so much to him and he doesn't want to risk that by turning it into something else.  She  asks "But you can risk it for Lacey?" to  which he states "that's different." She then asks if he still has feelings for Lacey.  He responds "Lacey and I, look we're over"  but Jo says "That's not what I asked. Don't lie to me."  Danny is unable to deny his feelings for Lacey and responds by nodding his head yes quietly.  He then apologizes and tells her that the three of them will get through this.  She is clearly upset as she says "goodbye Danny" and leaves to head over to  Tyler's house and picks up where they left off.  After she sleeps with Tyler, she informs him it was her first time and he says he is honored to be her first for everything.  Jo gets out of his bed and asks Tyler to cover his eyes; she seems to regret  having sex with him.

When Jo gets home, she finds Rico in her living room.  He apologizes for lying to her and she accepts his apology, and refers to him as "this amazing constant" in her life, and asks him to always be "up front" with her from now on.  He nods, and then they hug.  Rico then tells Jo that he loves her and then kisses her.  Jo is befuddled and at a loss for words.  Rico is embarrassed and quickly apologizes and leaves.

A new investigator, Detective Marilyn Rossi has taken over the case and insists on combing the lake again; she finds Regina's murder weapon with Danny's fingerprints on it, and they go to arrest him.  At this time, Lacey is in her bedroom looking at photos - first one of her, Regina and Sarita; then one of her, Danny, and Jo. She lingers over it before picking up her phone and is about to call or text Danny, when Phoebe enters her room saying her mom let her in.  Lacey asks why she isn't at the party to which Phoebe notes that after accusing the host of poisoning someone the party mood gets killed pretty fast. Lacey tells her she was telling the truth and Phoebe says she believes her about Archie. They reconnect and Regina is soon the topic of conversation, with Lacey finding out that Phoebe didn't scratch her, and that someone in a car with the same license plate as Marilyn Rossi did, though they don't know about the connection to her, let alone who was in the car.

As the police go to arrest Danny Karen Desai tells Danny to pack because of the arrest warrant. He is reluctant at first, but agrees when Karen says there is nothing left for them in Green Grove - he believes both Jo and Lacey may be lost to him.  When Detective Rossi and Cheif Masterson arrive and search Danny's room, they discover he has escaped via a window. The season ends with Tess calling an old friend's number etched on the bottom of a pot and saying things have gotten "really bad" and "It's time to come back, Vikram"  meaning Vikram is alive and has kept it from  his own wife and son.

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  • This episode confirms that Vikram Desai is alive and Tess Masterson knows it.
  • Jo loses her virginity to Tyler.
  • Rico confesses his love for Jo and spontaneously kisses her, which leaves her shocked.
  • Jo's life becomes increasingly complicated, with relationships being strained.
  • Tess' old friend is revealed to be Vikram and she talks to him on the phone telling him that it's "Time to come home".
  • It is  revealed that Archie and Scott poisoned Cole to get Danny off the soccer team.  Archie confirms this as he tells Lacey that he didn't mean for Cole to end up in the hospital, but when Cole confronts Archie he denies it completely and turns on Lacey when she says that he (Archie) is lying.
  • Pheobe reveals that she didn't give Regina the scratch and that when she pointed out the fact that Regina was bleeding Regina turned around and yelled " that b****!" at a car pulling out. The car had tinted windows and the license plate matched that of Marilyn Rossi in the present time.
  • Cole discovers that Archie and Scott were the ones who truly poisoned him.
  • Phoebe appears to be the only one who isn't upset at Lacey, possibly because she experienced a similar situation.
  • Danny is seen trying to help out Lacey and genuinely worrying about Jo, which a sociopath might not be able to do.
  • Tess has probably been keeping up with Vikram Desai at least to some degree.
  • The murder weapon (an old pipe) was found in the lake where Karen threw the necklace. It is speculated that Marilyn planted it there due to her persistence.
  • It is revealed that there is an unknown link between Vikram DesaiMarilyn Rossi, and Regina Crane.
  • Lacey publicly denounced Danny which turned out to be a set up created by Danny, because he knew how important her friends were to her since "they got her through some rough times".
  • Lacey showed that her friendships, not popularity,  were more important to her
  • Lacey showed she values doing what is right as opposed  to what is popular when she supported Cole on his accusation  that Archie poisoned him. This in turn also helped clear Danny's name from that incident.
  • Danny was unable to deny to Jo that he still has feelings for Lacey.