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Marilyn Rossi
Biographical Information
Occupation: Investigator


Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Chestnut Brown
Eye color: Green
Show Information
Portrayed by: Stacy Haiduk
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Marilyn Rossi is a character on the televesion series Twisted.  She is the private investigator hired by Mayor Rollins to assist Chief Masterson in Regina Crane's murder investigation. While only seen briefly in Poison of Interest, We see more her character and her intentions in the season one finale. She seems hellbent on finding Danny guilty, mirroring Kyle's obsessive behavior in the beginning of the season. Despite Kyle's statements of clues which would point elsewhere, she ignores them and states that they must investigate the most obvious target - Danny!  She suggests that they drag the lake again even though the police had already done so multiple times. They end up finding the murder weapon, a pipe, that has Danny's fingerprints all over it, although it is suspicious that they only found the murder weapon after she strongly suggested that they drag the lake again.

After accusing Archie of poisoning Cole, an outcasted Lacey returns home, flipping through photos. Phoebe comes to Lacey and tells her the party was finished and that she believed Archie was the one who harmed Cole. Phoebe finds the photo of Regina, Sarita and Lacey and asks about the arm bandage. Surprised, Lacey tells her that she had scratched Regina. However, this led to a flashback where Phoebe corrects Lacey's memory, revealing something of importance regarding Regina's murder, recalling that the scratch that Regina said Pheobe gave her was revealed to be from a mysterious driver with a Connecticut license plate. Phoebe noticed Regina was bleeding when confronting her; Regina yelled " that b****!" at the Mercedes with tinted windows driving away, implying that there was a physical altercation between Ms. Crane and the driver. The license plate matched the car we see Rossi and Chief Masterson drive in on their way to arrest Danny. Due to this, Detective Rossi is currently (albeit unbeknownst to all of the characters) a prime suspect in Regina's murder.

She is portrayed by Stacy Haiduk.