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Shipped Characters: Lacey Porter and Sarita
Status: Former Best Friends
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 The friendship pairing between Lacey Porter and Sarita.



  • Sarita and Lacey are talking in the hallway.
  • Lacey and Sarita eat lunch together.
  • Both girls are seen dancing and drinking at the party together.
  • Sarita comforted Lacey at lunch when Regina died.

Grief Is a Five Letter WordEdit

  • Lacey and Sarita went to Regina's funeral together.

PSA De ResistanceEdit

  • Sarita and Lacey do a skit together.
  • Lacey kept calming Sarita down when she got mad.
  • Sarita and Lacey are seen talking throughout the episode.

Sleeping with the FrenemyEdit

  • Sarita goes to Lacey's sleepover.
  • Sarita was sleeping in Lacey's bed.
  • Sarita and Lacey were sitting next to each other during the soccer game.
  • Sarita told Lacey that Jo was stealing from her.

Three For The RoadEdit

  • Sarita was calling Lacey while she was driving.

We Need To Talk About DannyEdit

  • Sarita goes to check on Lacey and let her know that everyone were heading to Johnny Cakes showing she cares for Lacey.
  • Sarita lets Lacey know she is hanging out Danny & Jo, but tells her she has to choose.

Poison of InterestEdit

  • Sarita mentions that Lacey has been distant lately and not hanging out with them.
  • At the hang out in Lacey's room, Sarita tells Lacey that she is her best friend, nothing she could would change that, and will always support her.
  • Sarita looks upset when she sees the video of Lacey making out with Danny.

Out With The In-CrowdEdit

  • Sarita (along with Phoebe and Jenna) are freezing Lacey out.
  • Sarita tells Lacey she is mad at her because she kissed "Regina's murderer" when Lacey tells her that she (Sarita) said she was her best friend.
  • Lacey may have gone off script when she notices Sarita doesn't believe her during Danny & her "fight".
  • Sarita gives Lacey a look when she (Lacey) agrees with Cole, calling out Archie on his lie that he didn't poison Cole.
  • Lacey calls out Sarita for throwing Regina to make her feel guilty about being with Danny when she is not.


  • It is not clear on where their status is at (one can assume) since their last interaction was Lacey calling Sarita out on trying to make her feel guilty, when she was not.