You're cute when you're traumatized
— Archie to Lacey in Pilot
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General Information
Shipped Characters: Lacey Porter and Archie Yates
Length of Relationship: Prior to Pilot-
We Need To Talk About Danny
Status: Broken Up
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 The friendship/romantic pairing between Lacey Porter and Archie Yates.



  • Lacey and Archie walk into school together and talk in the halls about Lacey being on the news.
  • Archie tells Lacey she is "cute when she's traumatized", and she thanks him for being amused by her "damaged phychi".
  • When Archie suggest sarcastically that maybe Danny's changed, Lacey responds with "Changed my ass!", and Archie calls her ass cute.
  • They sit together on numerous occassions during the school day.
  • Lacey mentions that Archie couldn't come to the party because he was home resting for the game.

Grief Is a Five Letter WordEdit

  • Lacey convinces Archie to see April the grief counselor after Regina's death but is dissappointed by his display of emotions.

PSA De ResistanceEdit

  • The couple both take part in the Sobriety Awareness Day skit, but Archie quits when he isn't on board with Danny's rewrite.
  • Archie and Lacey have a heart-to-heart in the hallway about everything that has been happening.
  • Lacey looks disgusted when Archie laughs at Sarita's video of drunk Jo.
  • It is revealed that Archie borrowed Scott's car the night of Regina's murder and lied to Lacey and his other friends about where he was.

Sleeping With The FrenemyEdit

  • Lacey doesn't believe Archie and Regina had an affair when Jo reveals the possibility.
  • Lacey goes to Archie's soccer game with Sarita.
  • Archie notices Lacey making eye contact with Danny on-field and gets pissed.
  • Lacey confronts Archie about his bad alibi, and he reassures her (she still has doubt).

We Need To Talk About DannyEdit

  • Archie tries to kiss Lacey.
  • Lacey pushes him away saying that he is sweaty .


  • They were one of the two couples together at the start of the series. The other is Kyle and Tess.
  • Larchie was the first cannon pairing to involve Lacey and Archie as individuals.
  • Once the Video is released he is confused and harbors mixed feeling toward her. He didn't let Scott make fun of her, but he made it clear that she wasn't invited to the 'private' party they were having in celebration of making it to the regional finals.
  • When Lacey yells at Danny and hurts his feelings Archie is more accepting of her and even confesses that he and Scott poisoned Cole to get Danny kicked off the team, but when Cole confronts him he denies it completely and turns on Lacey when she takes Cole's side and tells him that Archie was lying.


  • Lacey: "Changed my ass!"
    Archie: "It's a cute ass."   - Archie and Lacey in Socio.