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Shipped Cast: Kylie and Avan
Status: Friends
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Kylie and Avan is the real life friendship pairing of Kylie Bunbury and Avan Jogia.


  • Kavan (K/ylie and /Avan)


  • Avan tweeted tagged Kylie in a tweet, saying that it is his first day filming Twisted.[1]
  • Avan tweeted that he has good times with Kylie on set.[2]
  • Kylie said Avan is funny and makes everyone laugh and is really good at his job.
  • Avan and Kylie hosted a segment of a Twisted Set Tour with Young Hollywood together and were cute and a little (friendship) flirty with each other
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  • Avan and Kylie also pairing up in the show Tut (Miniseries)
  • Avan tweeted tagged Kylie in a tweet , saying that working with her is great and she's a great friend
  • In the cambio couch Interview , They share alot of cute moments and flirty moments.