Wanna finish making your vase?
— Tess to Karen in Three For The Road
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General Information
Shipped Characters: Karen Desai & Tess Masterson
Status: Good Friends
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Karen and Tess is a friendship pairing on Twisted. The pairing includes Karen Desai and Tess Masterson. They have helped each other as much as they can as they were really good friends before Danny went to juvie. Tess has helped Karen back into the neighborhood and made people like her again.


  • Taren
  • Karess


Grief Is a Five Letter WordEdit

  • Tess agrees to go to Karen's for dinner.

Sleeping with the FrenemyEdit

  • Tess persuades Karen to reconnect with her old friends
  • When Karen walks out,Tess starts to worry.
  • Tess runs into Karen at the market.
  • Tess invites Karen to a charity brunch, where Karen is accosted by Gloria Crane.  Tess runs after Karen, asking her to wait, but Karen leaves.
  • Tess goes to see Karen and apologizes for the ambush, stating that she didn’t have any knowledge that Gloria would be there.
  • Karen accepts the apology.

Three For The RoadEdit

  • Karen likes Tess's vase in her house.
  • Tess helps Karen make pottery.
  • They laugh and make jokes together.
  • Tess confessed about her life with Vikram to Karen - she slept with Vikram while he was dating Karen earlier on in their relationship.
  • When Tess apologies for sleeping with Vikram, they make pottery again.

The Truth Will OutEdit

  • Tess got Karen food.
  • Tess knew that Karen wasn't a killer
  • They both cared for each other in this episode.

Poison of InterestEdit

  • Tess tried to calm down Karen.