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"Grief Is a Five Letter Word"
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Season 1, Episode 2
Episode Information
Premiere date: June 18, 2013
Viewers: 1.8 million [1]
Written by: Adam Milch
Directed by: Gavin Polone
Episode Chronology
Previous Episode: "Pilot"
Next Episode: "PSA De Resistance"
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Grief Is a Five Letter Word is the second episode of Season One of the ABC Family show, Twisted. It premiered on June 18th, 2013.


The episode opens during Regina Crane's memorial service. Lacey Porter is delivering the eulogy for her best friend as Jo Masterson has a flashback of herself, Lacey, and Danny Desai playfully walking through the woods. Later, Jo tells Lacey that she gave a good speech. Tess Masterson and Kyle Masterson join in and Sheriff Masterson tell Lacey he needs her to go down to the station and give her statement as soon as possible. Lacey tells him she doesn't know anything useful, to which the Sheriff replies that you never know what may be useful. Jo rushes off to meet Rico.

Karen Desai walks into her dining room, where she finds Danny reading the newspaper. He quips that he's reading about the situation in the Middle East. Of course, it is Regina's death that has made front-page news, accompanied by a photo of Danny and the word "Menacing" printed across it. Karen tells Danny that if his father was there, he would want him to clear his name, to which Danny responds that he will not use Lacey as an alibi because he doesn't want to drag her into this. Karen warns him that if the police find a way to pin Regina's murder on him, he could go to jail, not juvie, but real jail this time. Danny responds that he will figure it out and that Jo is helping him. Karen says that Jo is a sweet girl but the Masterson's can't be trusted. After Danny asks her what she has against Tess, Karen says nothing. Danny reminds Karen that the police need evidence to pin Regina's murder on him and that they don't have it. As Danny and Kren leave the dining room, we see a photo of Danny, Karen, Vikram Desai, and Tara Desai wearing the same necklace Regina had.

As Lacey, Sarita, and Archie Yates leave the church, Lacey is annoyed that reporters are lurking at the memorial service. Sarita and Archie remind Lacey that Regina would've loved the attention. They see Phoebe Daly being interviewed by the reporters, explaining how much she cared about Regina, to which Lacey and Sarita say that Phoebe didn't even like Regina. Archie suggests that they leave and get some pizza. While the other walk away, Lacey hears Phoebe a sing the reporter when the segment will air. Lacey walks away in disbelief.

Danny, Jo, and Rico are at the diner discussing the case and speculating about the progress that the authorities are making. Rico tells Danny that if Joe trusts him, then he trusts him to. They talk about Rico's love for murder mysteries such as "Murder, She Wrote." Jo decides that they need to figure out who would've wanted to hurt Regina, to which Rico responds that they should start with those who were closest to the victim. They suggest Archie, Scott, Sarita, and Lacey. Danny quickly jumps to her defense, saying she would never hurt anyone. But Jo explains that they should leave no stone unturned.

Sheriff Masterson is interviewing Scott at the station; Scott tells him that Danny told him he would kill him and enjoy it, just like last time. As Sheriff Masterson escorts him out, Scott blurts out that he thinks Danny did it (killed Regina). Sheriff Masterson says he knows he does. His deputy asks Sheriff Masterson if he really thinks Danny would've exploded over a text about something he did five years ago, to which he asks her that if someone claimed to know her deepest, darkest secret, wouldn't she want to go ask them about it. She responds that she's an open book and asks about their progress with Regina's necklace. He says her parents confirmed that she started wearing it about 6 months ago and never took it off but they don't know where it came from. She asks if he thinks that Danny recognized it and the Sheriff responds that Danny has a very good poker face.

As they leave the diner, Danny tells Jo that once this drama is over, they can start talking about regular things like music, movies, and the Kardashians. Just then, Sheriff Masterson pulls up and demdas that Jo get in the car immediately. He tells Danny to stay away from his daughter and they drive away, leaving Danny sanding alone on the sidewalk. As they get home, Sheriff Masterson says that danny may be a serial killer, to which Jo shows disbelief. Tess steps in and asks what's going on and Kyle explains that he saw Jo with Danny. Jo defends Danny to both of her parents and Tess tries to form a compromise by explaining to Joe that Kyle didn't say she could never see Danny, just not while the case is pending. Kyle clearly disagrees with that and continues to defend his position. He tells Jo that she doesn't know Danny at all and walks away. Tess asks Jo to give the situation some time.

The next day at school, Phoebe approaches Lacey and Sarita and says that as her close girl friends, it is up to them to figure out a way to honor them. Sarita sarcastically quips that they could burn a cow, as the Greeks or Aztecs did to honor their dead. Phoebe gives her a disgusted look and says she has a lot of ideas such as a concert or building dedication. She then informs them that she is co-running a session after school with a grief counselor. Lacey and Sarita walk away, still talking about Regina. Sarita interrupts Lacey and ays that Regina is gone now so there's nothing more to say about her. Lacey is shocked by Sarita's comment.

Karen stops by the Masterson home and Tess opens the door. They sit in the living room and make some awkward small talk. Tess tells her she's sorry about Vik and that she can't even imagine what she has been going through. Karen explains that Vik's death has been hard on Danny; Tess says she understands. Karen asks Tess why Kyle pulled Danny out in front of the whole school, so unprofessionally, and Tess explains that they don't discuss his cases. Karen asks Tess to please talk to Kyle and reason with him. Tess says that wouldn't be appropriate and Karen gets up to leave.

Back at school, danny walks into cafeteria and sees Lacey but she quickly breaks eye contact. He then approaches Jo and jokes that hr dad may have cameras watching them. She smiles and says she has a plan: for the two of them and their moms to have a nice, low-key dinner so that Tess can see how normal h is and speak to Kyle on Danny's behalf. Danny says their moms aren't close anymore and he doesn't think a dinner would fix anything. Jo seems offended that Danny disagreed with her plan so hastily. Just then, Archie walks by and tells Jo not to worry because Danny will be allowed conjugal visits in prison. As Archie walks away, danny tells him that when he (Archie) gets there, maybe they can be roomies. Archie walks back toward the table, Danny stands up, and Archie asks him why he would end up there. Danny says everyone knows the story--popular jock peaks early, loses his hair, gets a beer gut, he's either going to prison or pumping gas for the rest of his life. At this point, Danny is kind of in Archie's face. Archie grabs him and throws him onto a table. After Danny gets off the table, Archie tries to punch him but Danny dodges him and punches him instead. Archie moves toward Danny again but Danny throws him to the floor. Two teachers show up to break up the fight as Jo, Lacey, and other students look on. Later, Archie furiously walks out of the school, with Lacey right behind him. He is livid that the principal is making him go to grief counseling and Lacey says maybe it'll be good for him because he has pent-up anger. He asks Lacey to go with him to the counseling but Lacey says she can't go and listen to Phoebe. Archie walks away angry, saying she must be perfect and it's everyone else who can't handle their emotions.

Danny approaches Jo at her locker and explains that Principal Tang is making him see the school therapist. Jo is visibly upset and tells him she's not willing to help someone who won't help himself. He says he does want to help himself but she points out that he won't tell anyone why he killed his aunt, he refuses to use Lacey as an alibi, and gets into a fight in front of everyone.



Recurring Cast[]

Guest Cast[]

  • Keiko Agena as April


  • This episode was being filmed on April 3rd, 2013.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Phoebe and Sandy.
  • Regina's friends struggle to cope with her death, but begin growing closer through it.
  • Jo and Rico team up with Danny to prove his innocence.
  • Danny and Jo set up a dinner between their families, which is a mess due to their parents.
  • Lacey has problems coping with her emotions; with Danny's return, Regina's murder, her old friendship with Jo and Danny, and Phoebe's publicity over Regina's death.

Memorable Quotes[]

Karen: I lost my son for five years!

Kyle: He was lucky he got five years!

Kyle: Who are you, Jonny Cochran?

Sarita: We could burn a cow. Didn't the Greeks or the Aztecs or whoever burn cattle or dogs or something to honor the dead?

Jo: No, I'm just not wasting any more of my time helping someone who doesn't want to help himself!

Jo: While I'm sticking up for you to the entire school and defending you to my parents, you go and get into a huge fight in front of everyone. Maybe you are the delinquent my dad says you are.