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# Image Title Aired Viewers (In millions)
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Pilot March 19, 2013 1.19 million (sneak peek)
Twisted is a one-hour mystery centered on a charismatic 16-year-old with a troubled past who recently reconnected with his two childhood best friends. He becomes the prime suspect when a fellow student is surprisingly found dead in her home.
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Grief Is a Five Letter Word June 11, 2013 1.8 million
As everyone at school tries to move on with the aid of grief counselor April (guest star Keiko Agena), Jo battles with her father over her friendship with Danny as she and Rico set out to prove Danny’s innocence. In an effort to show that he is a normal kid, Danny and Jo set up a dinner between their two families, which goes awry when the adults drudge up past grievances. Meanwhile, Lacey struggles to cope with her emotions and bristles when former ‘frenemy,’ Phoebe (guest star Brittany Curran), attempts to bond with her.
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PSA De Resistance June 25, 2013 1.4 million
Jo tries something new and participates in a sobriety skit at school but it doesn't go well. Elsewhere, Kyle questions Karen about the missing photo of Aunt Tara's necklace; and Danny tries to reconnect with Lacey.
Sleeping with the Frenemy July 2, 2013 1.06 million
Lacey’s mom Judy (Robin Givens) invites Jo to a sleepover, much to Lacey’s dismay. Despite the promise of an incredibly awkward evening, Jo seizes the opportunity to get closer to Regina’s friends and uncover potential evidence that points to another suspect in her murder. Tess persuades Karen to reconnect with her old friends, only to have it end in humiliation when Regina’s mother Gloria Crane (Jessica Tuck) viciously confronts Karen about Danny. Meanwhile, Danny has his first soccer match and struggles to stay on civil terms with Archie and his teammates; Kyle steps up his investigation.
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The Fest And The Furious July 9, 2013 1.61 million
As Green Grove prepares for its annual Fall Festival, the town residents are at odds over whether Danny should be allowed to attend. When Danny shows up, tensions escalate into a riot, which Kyle has to quell. Green Grove’s Mayor Rollins (Christopher Cousins) chastises Kyle about the lagging case and Jo’s increasing involvement with Danny. Father and daughter find it increasingly difficult to see eye to eye when Jo questions the significance of the necklace in the murder investigation. Lacey also wonders about the necklace and approaches Regina’s mother, Gloria, for information. Meanwhile, Jo and Rico’s friendship is strained as Jo spends more and more time with Danny.
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Three For The Road July 16, 2013 1.58 million
When new evidence in Regina's murder mystery points to Connecticut, Danny, Jo, and Lacey decide to hit the road without telling their parents. The trip could well end in disaster. Jo and Lacey are at odds, with Danny trying to play peacemaker, and Danny is blatantly crossing his parole by crossing state lines. Meanwhile Kyle is determined to track Jo down, and Karen and Tess bond over an impromptu pottery lesson.
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We Need To Talk About Danny July 23, 2013 1.48 million
Jo goes on a date with Tyler (Chris Zylka). Kyle's working with another cop, Eddie (Aaron Hill) to find the necklace. Lacey and Jo want answers from Danny about his secrets, but they end up revealing one of their own secrets.A soccer problem leads to consequences for Danny.Lacey defends Danny aganist Archie's increasingly vicious verbal attacks.
Docu-Trauma July 30, 2013 1.31 million
Kyle grills Karen about the necklace. Kyle has a surprise for Karen.. and her lawyer won't be happy. Danny's throwing a party in hopes of convincing everyone he's a good guy. Tyler agrees to help if he can film the party as a documentary. Rico's not happy to see Jo and Tyler together there.
The Truth Will Out August 6, 2013 1.32 million
Rico confesses a secret to Jo. Kyle and Eddie investigate Danny's dad's Connecticut apartment. Danny and Kyle discover shocking photos. Lacey's dad visits from Seattle. He has a secret -- and Jo learns all about it. The secret involves a man named Mitch.
Poison of Interest August 13, 2013 1.44 million
The mayor's hired Marilyn Rossi to investigate the murder. Danny's in trouble -- in more ways than one. One of the problems involves a poisoning. Someone loses his job.
Socio Studies 101 August 20, 2013 0.99 million
Socio Studies 101 is a special recap episode narrated by Ashton Moio better known as Rico, the special recap takes moments from the first 10 episodes leading to the mid-season finale.
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Out With The In-Crowd August 27, 2013 1.62 million
Sarita's not happy with Lacey because Lacey's now involved with Danny. And by "involved", it doesn't just mean as friends...


# Image Title Aired Viewers (In millions)
12 TWISTED-112-Dead-Men-Tell-Big-Tales-08-320x205.jpg Dead Men Tell Big Tales February 11th, 2014 1.29 million
With Danny now on the run, the town of Green Grove is even more convinced that he killed Regina, unaware the real killer is someone they never suspected. Jo continues to grapple with how much Danny and Lacey had been keeping from her, but is soon swept into the truth about what really happened to Danny’s Aunt Tara. Meanwhile, Tess, being the only one who knows Danny’s long thought dead father is still alive, has summoned Vikram back to town, but even she is not aware of the depth of secrets the Desai family holds.

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Sins of the Father February 18th, 2014 1.37 million
In “Sins of the Father,” Danny struggles to come to terms with the latest development in the search for his father, and wonders if he truly deserves the chance to start over. Lacey becomes interested a connection between Gloria Crane (guest star Jessica Tuck) and Vikram, while Charlie (recurring guest star Jack Falahee) becomes increasingly interested in Lacey.
14 134207 5502 pre.jpg Home Is Where the Hurt Is Februart 25th, 2014 1.12 million
Green Grove’s annual Homecoming dance is approaching, but tension is also building between Danny and Lacey as he questions whether he’ll ever get over recent events. Danny recognizes a familiar face in town and makes a mysterious connection to his time in juvenile hall. When Jo figures out that cute but nerdy Andie has a crush on Rico, she gives him the nudge he needs to make the first move. Meanwhile, Jack (guest star Ivan Sergei) moves in on a conflicted Karen, and Tess finds it increasingly difficult to hide her secrets from Kyle.

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Danny Indemnity March 4th, 2014 1.10 million
In the episode titled "Danny Indemnity," a massive cover-up leads Danny and Jo to wonder if someone is out to help or hurt them, and Kyle can't quell his suspicions that things aren't at all what they seem. Danny comes into a sizable amount of money, which puts the spotlight on him again in town and complicates his relationship with Karen. Jo confronts Tess about the tension between her parents and Tess drops another huge revelation on Kyle.

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The Son Also Falls March 11th, 2014 1.01 million
Jo decides to run for student body president;Lacey wants to know what Danny is hiding; Jack's daughter, Whitney, returns to Green Grove and becomes fast friends with Lacey.
17 Twisted 1x17.jpg You're a Good Man, Charlie McBride March 18th, 2014 1.13 million
Charlie's relationship with Jo causes problems between her and Danny; Kyle looks into the connection between Jack and Vikram. Danny becomes increasingly concerned by Jo's growing relationship with Charlie.
18 Twisted-118-1-775x516.jpg Danny, Interrupted March 25th, 2014 0.72 million
Danny and Karen debate how to best help Jack; Danny believes Charlie is up to no good; Tess shares her secret with Jo. Tess recieves shocking news concerning her child.
19 134493 0071 pre.jpg The Tale of Two Confessions April 1st, 2014 0.77 million
Jo's confession in Danny's defense drives Charlie to extremes; Tess and Karen discover another secret.