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Did I do something to upset you, Rico?
— Danny to Rico in We Need To Talk About Danny
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General Information
Shipped Characters: Danny Desai and Rico
Status: Close Friends
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 Danco is the friendship/rivalry pairing between Danny Desai and Rico.


Grief Is a Five Letter Word[]

Sleeping with the Frenemy[]

  • Danny and Rico go to The Diner when Jo is out on a sleepover.
  • Danny and Rico go up to Archie and his friends in The Diner.

The Fest And The Furious[]

  • Rico gets jealous when Danny takes Jo to the festival.
  • Rico gets upset when he sees Danny dancing with Jo.

Three For the Road[]

  • Rico continues to get jealous of Jo and Danny's friendship.

We Need to Talk about Danny[]

  • Rico and Danny are seen on the stairs both talking to Jo.
  • Rico continues to feel jealous of Danny.