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Come over for an after party of two?
— Regina to Danny in Pilot via text message.
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General Information
Shipped Characters: Danny Desai and Regina Crane
Status: Acquaintances
Former Crush (on Regina's side)
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 The suspicious friendship/romantic pairing between Danny Desai and Regina Crane.


Regina was shown to wear the same necklace as Tara Desai, and was the only person not afraid of Danny when he returned. She comes onto him sexually in multiple attempts to get him alone. After texting him the truth that she knows why he killed Terra and thats why she needs to see him alone, she was found murdered the next morning.

Moments & Mentions[]


  • Regina told Danny to come to her party.
  • Regina thought Danny was cute.
  • Regina was psyched when Danny came to his party.
  • Regina wanted Danny to sit next to him during Dinner.
  • Regina thought what it be like if she had Danny in bed.
  • Regina told Jo to back off from Danny.

Sleeping with the Frenemy[]

  • Danny told Jo to see whats in Regina's box of stuff.
  • Danny wanted to know what was in the box.

Three For The Road[]

  • Danny went to an apartment to see who sent the mail to Regina.