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General Information
Shipped Characters: Danny Desai and Lacey Porter
Length of Relationship: Dated from We Need To Talk About Danny - The Truth Will Out- Dated from Home Is Where the Hurt Is-The Son Also Falls
Status: Broken Up as of The Son Also Falls
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Danny and Lacey is the romantic/friendship pairing of Danny Desai and Lacey Porter on Twisted.


Season 1

In Pilot, Jo and Lacey have a nightmare and the story flashes back to eleven-year-olds Lacey and Jo playing on a swing outside of the Desai house talking about how Danny's been acting different recently. They see him looking at them through the window, Jo suggest that it could be family problems, Lacey jokes that he could be going through puberty, Danny finally comes out of the house with a red jump rope. Jo and Lacey ask if he's okay and why he was inside for so long, he tells them he didn't have a choice and to not hate him. The girls look at each other with worried faces before Lacey runs into the house to see what Danny meant. Lacey and Jo discover the body of Tara Desai, Danny's aunt who was babysitting them for the evening - until Danny strangled her. Later that morning, Lacey speaks publicly on the news about the past and how she wouldn't let that "Socio" Danny near their school if it was her choice.

Walking into school, Lacey is seen with her new best friends Regina and Sarita. Regina shows Lacey that her nickname for Danny, "Socio", is trending on twitter. Lacey says maybe it'll show Danny to stay away from her, and Regina and Sarita both tell her they got her back. In school, Lacey's boyfriend Archie tells her, he can't believe that the "Socio" is coming to there school and suggests that he transfer once he gets no one wants him around. Lacey sees Jo as Archie heads to class, Sarita and Regina make fun of Jo's look and asks Lacey what she and Jo talked about when they were friends. Lacey clearly remembers but tells them she doesn't. Lacey goes to Jo asking hows she's doing, Jo acts like she's fine, Lacey asks if she's been having the dreams too of Danny and the jump rope, but Jo lies and says she hasn't. Lacey tries to see if she is lying by telling her that she has and can't get the picture of him with the yellow rope, Jo quickly corrects her and says it was red but then adds, she thinks. The hallway falls silent as everyone sees Danny in the school. Danny clearly sees he's the center of attention. He recognizes Lacey and Jo as they occupy themselves Danny walks up to them and tries to talk to them as Principle Tang calls Danny to his office. Lacey and Jo exchange anxious expressions after Danny walks away with the Principal.

At Lunch, Regina admits she's interested in Danny and calls him over using his nickname "Socio". Danny sees Lacey but she runs off, and Regina tells him not to worry because she will come around. Regina then flirts with Danny and invites him to her party. Danny notices the necklace she's wearing and asks where she got it. She tells him it was a gift, Danny seems distracted by the necklace. He thanks Regina for the invite and says he may stop by. Sarita asks if Regina's high on her hormones for asking Danny to come and reminds her that Lacey doesn't like Danny.

At the party, everyone steers clear of Danny although Jo stays with Danny. Lacey and Sarita see them and Regina corners Jo asking if she "wants" Danny. Jo says she isn't into him and that Regina can have him, Regina hugs Jo and says "everyone was so wrong about you". Jo asks why she's interested in him, Regina states that he's "here and not going anywhere" and that the town can't hate him forever. Regina and Jo share a drink.

Danny goes to Lacey and Sarita, trying to talk to Lacey. Sarita questions if he's trying to add stalker to his record. Danny recognizes Sarita as the girl with the facial hair problem growing up, mentioning she had to leave school for a week to get work done that was only approved in Germany. He compliments the work stating he can still see the faint outline of the mustache. Sarita walks off, angered. Lacey tells Danny that she sees he's trying to impress people with one remark at a time and says it's a good strategy, Danny tells her it got her to say something. Lacey also mentions that she noticed he got Jo to follow him around like a puppy dog in under a day, which Danny tells her is harsh. Lacey informs Danny that she's a bitch now, Regina interrupts them mentioning that if Archie saw them talking he'd flip. Danny asks if Archie is at the party, Lacey tells him, Archie's getting ready for a game the next day. Regina tries to get a Danny v.s. Archie stud off for soccer team captain saying "'Socio for soccer captain", Lacey tries to convince Regina to give Danny's nickname a rest but Regina reveals Lacey started it in the first place, which Danny seemed hurt by. He leaves to find Jo before she starts to have "real fun", Regina remarks on Danny ditching them, which Lacey tells her it was her fault for the way she was acting. Regina tells Lacey to relax and not be sensitive she walks away with a drink.

A drunken Jo bumps into Sarita, who rudely asks Jo to watch where she's swinging her "creepy ape arms", which Jo agree's with saying there a disproportionate part of her body. Sarita notices Jo being drunk and gets her to lick a drink of Scott's shirtless body while the party goers watch.

Regina corners Danny trying to get him to her room, Danny hears Jo yelling at Scott to get away from her. Danny quickly comes to Jo's rescue, where Sarita and Scott try to get Jo to take off her shirt. Scott tells Danny to mind his business and calls him "rope boy", after Scott pushes Danny, Danny whispers something in Scott's ear that causes him to back down, Danny takes Jo and starts to walk her home. Lacey and Regina exchange glances afterwards and Regina smirks before walking away from a worried Lacey.

While Danny walks a drunken Jo, she asks Danny what he said to Scott, Danny says he told him he'd sue and win. Lacey pulls up in her car, giving them a ride to Jo's. Danny drops Jo off at her house and meets Kyle at the door, who isn't pleased to see Danny, Jo tells Tess what happened to her at the party and Kyle slams the door in Danny's face.

Lacey then takes Danny to his house, which she hasn't been to since the day Danny killed his aunt Terra, Danny thanks her for the ride and asks her to come inside, at first she hesitates but Danny tells her, he as her favorite snack, Blue Ranch Potato chips. They go to his room where they rekindle a dare they made with Jo to eat every bag of different flavor potato chips, and she ended up puking it out on Lacey's dad's favorite rug. Danny tells Lacey that Jo's going through a tough time with his return which Lacey seems to be not having trouble with. Lacey asks what Jo told him about them, asking if Jo said Lacey abandoned her, Danny says no but asks if that's what really happened. Lacey tells him, she did what she had to, to survive being friends with a killer and growing up with that tormenting her.Then Lacey asks if Danny regrets the murder he committed in the past,but he states that what he exactly regrets is being friends with her. Lacey ends up sleeping in Danny's room while Danny's in a deep thought, then he gets a text from Regina inviting him over to her home but he refuses to go and she sends a text stating that she knows why he killed his aunt. Seeing the text, Danny clearly gets distracted and a gets a little furious. In the morning at Regina's the housekeeper finds Regina's dead body who's beaten to death.

Jo who's unaware of the news goes to Danny's to thank him for last night. Danny invites her in.She hesitates but goes in and meets his mom.She expresses her surprise about Danny's female visitors and leaves.Jo asks Danny about the female visitors and he tells her that Lacey dropped him last night and came in but ended up sleeping in here.Jo asks Danny if they slept together and he answers that they didn't,they just chatted for a while and he asks her not to tell anyone about it coz he thinks that Archie Lacey's boyfriend may take it in a wrong way.

At school we see Lacey,Sarita,Scott and Archie talking about Regina clearly disturbed.Archie asks Scott to tell Lacey what Danny whispered to him last night,then Scott says Danny threatened to kill him  if he don't back off and he said that he's gonna enjoy it like last time.Lacey develops suspicion about Danny.At the memorial service in the school while Principal Tang's giving speech everyone calls out Danny's name stating he's the killer,just then Jo's father Kyle the town's sheriff enters the hall and asks Danny to come with him for an investigation.Jo stops them and tells everyone to stop suspecting Danny to be the killer and asks them to give him a second chance.Then the sheriff takes Danny away and in the end of the memorial Jo talks to Lacey about helping Danny and standing upto him and she also tells her that she knows about last night.Lacey asks Jo not to tell anyone but Jo asks her to tell to everyone coz they will believe that Danny didn't commit the murder,but Lacey tells Jo that she slept the whole night and she doesn't know what he did that night.Lacey also advises Jo to stop defending him because it's going to  make things worst for her in the school and Jo snaps at her by telling that she still hasn't changed; she only cares about what other people think of her and leaves, pissed that Lacey wont help Danny.

In Grief Is a Five Letter Word, While at the diner with Danny and Rico, Jo suggested that Lacey may have killed Regina, but Danny told her that Lacey wouldn't hurt anyone. 



  • Danny is constantly looking at Lacey.
  • When Lacey brings Danny to his home, he invites her to hang out and she accepts.
  • They share a bag of Blue Ranch chips together.
  • While they are reminiscing, they are sitting very close to each other. As the scene goes on they keep looking at each other's lips and almost kiss (although Lacey ends the moment). This hints at an attraction. 
  • Danny looks disappointed when she stops the kiss.
  • When Lacey falls asleep in his room, Danny smiles and covers her with a blanket.
  • Danny's mother thinking they are sleeping together could be foreshadowing. 
  • Danny is persistent to get Lacey to be his friend again, even though she is more resistant than Jo.

    Danny and Lacey almost kiss in "Pilot". Click for gif.

  • Because of the fact that Lacey and Danny being together would cause friction (seeing as Lacey has a boyfriend and is at the top of the social rung - while Danny is viewed as a 'Socio'), it is a possible story line. 
  • Lacey spends the night at Danny's house.
  • Lacey doesn't believe Danny killed Regina (but not as much as Jo believes).
  • Lacey tells Regina to stop calling Socio and then Regina reveals to Danny that Lacey 
  • Danny staring at Lacey ♥

    came up with Socio and he seems a little hurt by it.

Grief Is a Five Letter Word

  • When Danny went out to his secret fort, he saw Lacey there.
  • Danny said hey to Lacey in a flirtatious way.
  • Danny asked Lacey to stay with him when he saw her in the fort.
  • When Lacey and Phoebe were talking about Regina, Lacey said that Regina embarrassed her in front of someone (Danny).
  • Danny told his mom that he wasn't going to use Lacey as an alibi.
  • Danny is trying to protect Lacey by not using her as an alibi.

PSA De Resistance

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  • Danny talked to Lacey in the Hallway trying to get her to talk to him.
  • He was able to make Lacey smile for a brief moment before Archie interrupted their conversation
  • He looked sad  when Lacey walked away with Archie
  • Lacey gave him a look like she wanted to say something and did not want to go before following Archie
  • Danny tried to make an effort to get along with Archie throughout the episode for Lacey's sake
  • He asked Lacey how her testament went when he saw her outside walking to school
  • He tried to explain to Lacey that it was his mom who told Chief Masterson she spent the night.
  • He was upset when she asked him to stay away from her.
  • Jo suggested that Danny try a different approach than using his charm to get close to Lacey again when he was talking about how she changed
  • While Jo and Lacey are discussing the new script Danny wrote, Jo tells Lacey to give him a chance
  • Danny kept looking over to Lacey when he explained to Archie that the new play was about Forgiveness
  • Lacey suggested Danny take over Archie's part in the play when Archie quit
  • Lacey and Danny almost kissed for the second time during their discussion after the play.
  • In a majority of the discussions between Danny and Jo or Danny, Jo, and Rico he mentioned Lacey such as how she changed, how he could get closer to her, etc...
  • When Danny and Lacey were in the hallway, Danny stepped up close to Lacey and said I just wish...I just want suggesting that he wants to be with her.

Sleeping with the Frenemy

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  • Lacey ask Jo what it's like being around Danny.
  • Jo told Lacey that Danny talks about her all the time and he really misses her.
  • Lacey was cheering when Danny made a goal.
  • Danny looked up to Lacey after he scored a goal.

The Fest And The Furious

  • Laceys dream shows Regina asking her if Lacey is interested in Danny ("You wanna hit that don't you?").
  • Lacey enters the diner where she by chance meets Danny and Jo. Lacey thinks it is better if Danny isn't going to the Fall Fest. It gets intense and she calls him selfish, Danny looks sad after Lacey is gone.
  • Danny checked Lacey out in her dress while commenting that she looked good.
  • He asks if she wants to hang out and do the funny dance with him and Jo. She declines after a pause where her and Danny look at each other.
  • They both stared at each other when they left.
  • Danny gets a text message from Lacey and leaves the Fest. He meets up with her, she informs him about the letter she found. Lacey wants to help Danny.
  • Danny asks why Lacey meets her this way and didn't call or texted him instead, he thinks that Lacey wants to get him alone.
  • Lacey gets angry at him and wants to leave. Danny calls out to her, apologizes and she turns around to kiss him passionately. After that she gets frustrated by her own actions and wants to leave. Danny hinders her to go away and kisses her again.
  • Danny and Lacey have a hot make out session.
  • Danny and Lacey (and Jo) went to the diner.

Three For The Road

  • Danny and Lacey glance at each other when Lacey is texting her boyfriend.
  • Danny asks Lacey if she's worried something else might happen (like a kiss) if they go on a road trip together.
  • Danny stares at Lacey pretty much the entire time the two of them and Jo are talking about going to Connecticut.
  • Danny and Lacey sing along with the radio in the car.
  • Danny tells Jo how he cares about her and Lacey.

We Need To Talk About Danny

  • Lacey defends Danny against Archie constant name calling. Danny thanks her.
  • Danny tells Lacey that all he thinks about is their kiss in the 'Fest and the Furious'  "all day every day" and he believes that Lacey feels the same way.
  • Danny asks Jo about Lacey and gets jealous when he hears that she been spending time with Archie.
  • Danny asks Tess advice about a girl (Lacey). 
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  • Danny takes Tess' advice on being around Lacey and showing her he won't give up no matter what.
  • Danny agrees to go to Tyler's party once he knows Lacey will be there.
  • Lacey and Danny stare at each other constantly during Tyler's party.
  • Lacey goes back to Danny to check and see how he is doing. She tries to comfort him.
  • Danny and Lacey make out passionately with Danny on top at Tyler's Cemetery Party.
  • Lacey breaks up with Archie to be with Danny but doesn't want anyone to know.
  • Lacey and Danny are dating secretly by the of the end of this episode. 


  • Lacey and Danny have a tender  kissing scene on Lacey's bed.
  • Lacey compares her relationship with Danny to Romeo and Juliet.
  • On their secret date, after the masked guys left, Lacey was holding Danny tight.
  • On their date, Lacey tells Danny he can talk to her about the pranks
  • At school, Lacey meets Danny in a closet. She tells him that she thinks that they should "lay low for awhile" implying that they shouldn't go on anymore dates or secret dates for the time being.
  • In the car, Danny tells Lacey he doesn't want to get hurt (by her)
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  • Lacey is concerned for Danny when she finds out from Phoebe that Tyler is planning something suspicious to go down at Danny's party
  • Lacey goes to Danny's party to warn him about the big surprise
  • Lacey confronts Tyler about what he has planned for Danny.
  • Danny is pleasantly surprised to see that Lacey has come to the party
  • Danny smiles and his eye light up when Rico tells him Lacey is still there after the party.
  • Lacey tells Danny he is worth the risk when he says he knows she is risking a lot to be with him.
  • A masked Danny prankster (who later turns out to be Rico's mathlete friend, Doug) records them in an intimate moment after the party.

The Truth Will Out

  •  Lacey and Danny are both at the Police Department. Lacey is nervous and is worried about Danny. She takes his hand to comfort him. As Jo enters they break the contact.
  • Danny is allowed to see his mom. When Chief Masterson tells both girls to leave because it is too late, Lacey gets up and says that she won’t leave Danny.
  • They exchange looks before he is going to see his mom.
  • Lacey and Danny are at his place, while he is packing his stuff to live temporarily at the Mastersons residence. They talk about Karen’s confession.
  •  Lacey kisses him and says it his hard to keep them a secret from Jo while he is living there. Danny wants to tell Jo, because he feels slightly guilty and wants them to act as a real couple at least in front of her.
  •  They embrace each other and he says it is a constant challenge to keep his hands off of her, Lacey tells him he will manage it and they kiss again.
  •  As they come to the conclusion that Danny has to stay with his grandmother in Arizona, if Karen is charged,  Danny and Lacey exchange alarming looks.
  • Danny goes to see his mom again to let her know that he is unhappy. She should confess that she didn’t kill Regina. He says he doesn’t want to loose his best friend Jo and starts to tell her that things are getting more serious between him and Lacey.
  • At their clubhouse Danny, Jo and Lacey talk about the happenings.
  •  Danny needs to walk around a bit, Lacey wants to keep Danny company, but he declines. She looks a bit hurt by that.
  • At Clara's birthday party Lacey calls Danny to check on him, but he declines the call, because he is investigating with chief Masterson.
  • Chief Masterson tells Danny to be honest to Jo and Lacey about the necklace. When Danny tries to explain to them, they both get upset;  Lacey tells him that she is done with him and leaves. 

Out With The In-Crowd

  • Danny comes by the school to check up on how Lacey is doing after the video is released
  • Danny looked upset when Lacey was talking about making her own bad decisions, thinking she was referring to going out with him
  • Lacey seemed hurt when Danny was talking about them being over
  • Danny defends Lacey to Jo when they are all at the Masterson's home
  • Danny has a look of longing towards Lacey as she walks to her car
  • Danny climbs up into Lacey's room to hatch up a set-up to get back in the good graces of her friends
  • Lacey stands up for Danny to Archie by confirming what Cole claims he did, which is framing Danny on the poisoning of Cole
  • Lacey after looking at a photo of her, Danny and Jo is about to call/text him when Phoebe comes into her room to console her
  • Danny told Jo he could risk his friendship with Lacey because its different with her
  • Danny admits to Jo by shaking yes with his head that he still as feelings for Lacey

Dead Men Tell Big Tales

  • Lacey drives around in her car searching for Danny before the police find him.
  • Lacey tells Rico that she wants to help Danny because she feels bad about how she treated him in the beginning.
  • Rico takes Lacey to go see Danny.
  • Danny tells Rico that he needs to see Lacey.
  • Lacey and Danny hug when they see each other.
  • Lacey and Danny discuss how things weren't right between them the last time they saw each other.
  • Lacey goes to Johnny Cakes to buy Danny some food.
  • Lacey walks in on Danny coming out of the shower.
  • Lacey is flustered when she sees Danny shirtless.
  • Lacey stands with Danny and sticks up for him twice against Jo.
  • Lacey sticks up and defends Danny when she goes to the Masterson's home to tell Chief Masterson the new information about Regina's case she found from Phoebe
  • Lacey sticks up for Danny against Jo when she agrees with Danny that he is being framed for Regina's murder.
  • Lacey looks hurt for Danny when she finds out he took blame for his dad in his aunt's murder case.

Sins of the Father

  • Lacey defends Danny against Charlie by saying he did not kill Regina when Charlie brings it up to her in the horse stables.
  • Lacey defends Danny against Regina's mom after she says that she is hoping that he is arrested for her daughter's murder.
  • Lacey hugs Danny after finding out that his name has been finally cleared in front of the whole town.

Home Is Where the Hurt Is

  • Danny is encouraged by Jo to ask Lacey to the homecoming dance.
  • Lacey gets upset with Danny when he doesn't show signs of having fun at the homecoming dance.
  • Danny apologizes and kisses Lacey for acting like a jerk at homecoming.
  • Lacey and Danny share a slow dance at homecoming.
  • Lacey forgives Danny after he kisses her.
  • After Danny apologizes to Lacey, she extends her hand to introduce herself to him and he smiles and laughs but goes along with it and shakes her hand.
  • Danny and Lacey stand next to each other in the hallway while talking to Whitney and Jack.

Danny Indemnity

  • Danny and Lacey make out in her room at the beginning of the episode and he tells her he's glad to be there with her.
  • Danny and Lacey go to Jo's mom charity lunch together.
  • Lacey assures Danny that he's still the same guy she's always known.
  • Lacey grows concerned for Danny when he doesn't tell her what's been bothering him.

The Son Also Falls

  • When Danny bribes his teacher to give him an A on a test, Lacey sees him through the window.
  • Danny decides to take Lacey out to dinner to help her feel better.
  • Lacey tells Danny that she knows he bribed his teacher to get an A on his test.
  • Danny confesses to Lacey that he killed his dad (in self defense) and that Jo was there with him and that he didn't say anything because of her.
  • After Danny confesses to Lacey about Jo being there with him when he killed his dad (in self defense) she gets upset and yells at him for lying to her and keeping the secret from her.
  • Lacey breaks up with Danny after she realizes that he actually has feelings for Jo by saying "it's been Jo all along, it's always been Jo."

You're a Good Man, Charlie McBride

  • Danny goes to Johnny Cakes to talk to Lacey about his concerns on Charlie.

Danny, Interrupted

  • Lacey talks to Danny at his house and tells him that he can't let Jack rot in jail.
  • Lacey agrees with Danny when he tells Whitney that she needs to go back to his house and get some rest.
  • Lacey tells Whitney that she still has feelings for Danny.

A Tale of Two Confessions

  • After Lacey tells Danny she's glad he's out and that he's okay he smiles a bit at her.
  • Danny goes to Johnny Cakes and asks Lacey to text Jo to see where she is.
  • Lacey and Danny both drive to Willoughby to find Jo and they both agree that they are both worried for her.
  • Lacey tells Danny that no matter how mad she gets at him or Jo she's glad that they'll always have their friendship (not knowing that Danny's in love with Jo.)

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