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It's always been you, Jo.
— Danny to Jo in The Tale of Two Confessions
Danny and Jo
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General Information
Shipped Characters: Danny Desai and Jo Masterson
Status: Boyfriend/Girlfriend
In Love
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Danny and Jo is the romantic/friendship pairing of Danny Desai and Jo Masterson on Twisted. They are in love.


Season One


  • Janny (D/anny and J/o)
  • Jann (D/ann/y and J/o)
  • Jonny (Jo and Da/nny)
  • Jony (Jo and Dan/ny)
  • Do (D/anny and J/o)
  • Danno (Dann/y and J/o)
  • Dano (Dan/no and J/o)
  • D.J. (D/anny and J/o)
  • J.D. (J/o and D/anny)



  • Their friendship is renewed and it takes time for their relationship to grow.
  • Jo gives Danny a second chance and talked with him.
  • During the memorial for Regina, Jo is the only one who stands up for Danny.
  • Danny tries to get Jo to trust him, and she eventually does.
  • Danny brings Jo home after she gets drunk at Regina's party.
  • Danny says that Jo knows him better than anyone.
  • When Lacey and Danny are in Danny's room, he talks about Jo, meaning that he really cares about her.
  • Danny tries to understand how Jo feels.
  • Danny protects Jo from the guy that was 'having fun' with her while she was drunk.
  • They were best friends as children (along with Lacey).
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  • When Jo tries to walk away from Danny, he stops her, looking her in the eye.
  • They both went to Regina's party together.
  • After Regina invites him to her party, Danny asks Jo to go with him almost like he's asking her on a date.
  • Jo was the first that Danny tries to reconnect with.
  • Danny holds Jo's hand when leaving Regina's party.
  • Danny felt that Jo would be the only person to understand.
  • Danny is trying to protect Jo.
  • According to Danny, he has never lied to Jo.
  • Jo is the first person to give Danny a chance.
  • Jo still has a picture of her and Danny,(including Lacey) when they were younger.
  • Danny was happy that Jo came over to his house.
  • Jo thanks Danny for protecting her from Scott.
  • Danny wanted Jo to come into his home which she agreed to.
  • Danny's mom was happy to Jo come over and become friends with Danny again.
  • Jo believes that Danny is innocent.
  • Jo doesn't care what other people think of her as she is friends with Danny again and trying to help him.
  • Jo believes in him.
  • Jo will do whatever it takes to prove that Danny is innocent.
  • Jo begins to trust Danny again.
  • Jo was worried about Danny because he was acting weird (shown in her nightmare)
  • Jo asks Danny if he and Lacey "did it" and he tells her no.
  • Danny tells Jo that Lacey spent the night at the house because he trusts her.
  • Jo apologizes to Danny about his father dying.
  • The reason Danny doesn't tell Jo about the text Regina sent him after the party is because he is afraid she might think he actually killed her.
  • Jo wants people to stop calling Danny "Socio".
  • Jo wants Lacey to tell everyone that she spent the night at Danny's so they don't think he killed Regina.
  • Jo lies to her parents so she could go to Regina's party with Danny.
  • Regina thinks that Jo and Danny like each other.
  • Danny holds onto Jo's arm while walking together when he's taking her home from Regina's party.
  • Danny helps Jo get into Lacey's car while she says still drunk "Danny it's Lacey." and he says "I know."
  • When Danny takes a drunk Jo home they both knock on her door at the same time.
  • When Lacey pulls up next to Danny and Jo he is still holding onto her arm.
  • Danny tells Jo to watch her head when they are getting inside of Lacey's car.
  • Danny tells Jo that she knows him better than anyone and that he's still the same boy she grew up with.
  • Danny tells Jo that he tried to stay in contact with her after he got put into juvie by sending her letters.
  • Danny smiles at Jo when he opens his door after she thanks him for standing up to Scott for her.

Grief Is A Five Letter Word

  • They sat together at lunch.


  • Jo didn't want Danny to get into a fight.
  • Danny apologizes to Jo.
  • Danny and Jo have dinner together with their families as suggested by Jo to get him back on her family's good side again. 
  • Jo hangs out with Danny regardless of what her dad says.
  • She states that she believes Danny is innocent.
  • Jo is furious when she learns that her parents refused to have her give a character witness for Danny's trial five years prior. Although she later says that she understands that they were just trying to protect her at the time. 
  • Jo and Danny talked and smiled at each other on the swing sets alone and she vowed to help him clear his name. 
  • Jo bluntly tells her father she is going to be hanging out with Danny regardless of his own personal opinion of him. 
  • Danny and Jo walk out together after getting some food at the diner.
  • Jo is upset when her dad pulls up next to her and Danny and tells her to get in the car.
  • Jo looks sad after her dad drives off leaving Danny himself.

PSA De Resistance

  • Danny smiles at Jo when he tells her he can be very charming. 
  • Danny and Jo hang out a lot more in this episode.
  • Danny said to Jo he can be very charming and it worked with her, she smiles immediately. 
  • Jo helps Danny in trying to get Lacey to be friends with them again.
  • Both Danny and Jo watched the play together.
  • Danny and Jo sat at the theater together.
  • This was the third episode their friendship seems to get closer.
  • Danny tried to run after Jo when the video was being shown after the play.
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Sleeping with the Frenemy

  • Jo cheers for Danny while he is playing soccer.
  • Jo tells Danny about the CD Regina made of Archie.

The Fest And The Furious

  • Danny and Jo share a slow dance together at Fall Fest.
  • Jo only likes the fall fest because she and Danny went as kids and only wanted to go with him.
  • Danny and Jo do their silly dance (the one that they used to do with Lacey at the Evening Formal when they were kids).
  • Danny smiles when Tess talked about putting Jo in a dress. 
  • Danny checks Jo out when he sees her in her dress for Fall Fest. 
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  • The main reason why Jo wanted to go to Fall Fest was because Danny was there. 
  • Jo told her dad that she would leave Fall Fest if he made Danny leave.
  • While Jo was in the diner waiting for Danny, she puts on lip gloss, hoping that Danny will kiss her.
  • Jo looks a bit sad when Danny walks in the diner with Lacey.
  • Jo and Danny spend a lot of time with each other at the Fall Fest.
  • Danny convinces Jo to slow dance with him even though she is against the idea.
  • When Danny and Jo start to slow dance, they lock hands and Danny puts his finger on Jo's shoulder and tells her to relax and enjoy it.
  • Danny and Jo really enjoy themselves while slow dancing.
  • Jo puts her head on Danny's chest while they slow danced together.
  • Danny laughs after Jo says "She's been trying to put a dress on me for years. That poor woman."
  • Jo tells Danny to not let what Lacey said about him wanting going to Fall Fest make him upset and that if he wants to do it he should.
  • When Jo's mom shows her a dress she saw at a booth and thinks she should wear it for Fall Fest. Danny says he thinks Jo would look amazing in it.
  • Danny helps Jo (and Rico) sell Pi Pies for the Mathletes.
  • When Danny sees Jo in her dress for Fall Fest, he tells her she looks incredible in it.
  • Danny laughs after Jo says "Come on you're gonna make me do our funny dance all by myself." and he says "That's not fair."
  • Danny tells Jo he's glad she decided to go to Fall Fest and she tells him the reason she wanted to go was because he was there with her.
  • Jo tells her dad and Mayor Rollins that if Danny has to leave Fall Fest she'll leave as well.
  • Jo cheers for Danny while he's playing Apple Toss.
  • When Jo's dad asks Danny why he came to Fall Fest, he replies "Your daughter sir, she can be very convincing."

Three For The Road

  • Jo said she cares for Danny after he tells her he cares about her and Lacey.
  • They hold hands and sit very closely on the bench.
  • Danny asks Jo if she'd like to come with him and Lacey to the apartment.
  • Danny tries to force Lacey and Jo to be friends again.

We Need To Talk About Danny

  • Jo admits to Rico that she has a crush on Danny but she doesn't know he's interested in Lacey.
  • Jo and Danny kiss in her dream.
  • Jo tells her mom, Tess, about the crush and Tess feels bad because she knows that Danny doesn't feel the same way.
  • Danny wakes up Jo while she's asleep (in her dream.)
  • After Jo tells Danny that he's making her bed all sweaty, he takes off his shirt off and asks her if it's better but she says nothing and gets distracted by him and daydreams for a bit.
  • Jo texts Danny and tells him that she has something to tell him.


  • Jo is heartbroken when Danny tells Tyler that she is like his sister.
  • Jo goes to Danny's party.
  • Jo feels sorry for Danny when the jump ropes are placed all over his house.
  • Jo feels sorry for Danny when the masked intruders go inside his house.
  • When Tyler asks Danny and Jo if they are hooking up, Jo smiles to herself (hoping Danny will say yes).
  • Danny and Jo talk by her locker about the jump rope prank at his house.
  • When Danny asks Jo what her text from the day before is about she is close to telling him about her feelings for him.
  • Danny and Jo stand next to each other while talking to Tyler at school by her locker.

The Truth Will Out

  • Danny is referred to stay at Jo's place while his mom was arrested by home.
  • When Danny calls Jo's house as home she smiles at him.
  • Jo is heartbroken when Danny tells her he had the necklace on his locker.
  • Danny calls Jo's name many times.
  • Danny tells Jo's dad (Chief Masterson), that the reason why he wants to stay in Green Grove so badly is because of Jo (and Lacey but mostly because of Jo.) 
  • Danny tells Jo he will see her at her house after he takes a walk to clear his head. 
  • Danny texts Jo before she goes to Lacey's sister birthday party that he is visiting his mom. 

Poison of Interest

  • Danny asks Jo if he really killed Regina if she would still stand by his side
  • Jo and Danny look at each other very sad and heartbroken for a while.
  • Jo confesses in front of a lot of people at Danny's expulsion hearing about how in love she is with him . 
  • Jo confesses to Lacey that she loves Danny. 
  • Jo's expression when she sees the video of Danny and Lacey is full of heartbreak and anger. 
  • Danny is very surprised when Jo confesses at his expulsion hearing that she is in love with him.  
  • Danny tells Jo that they're relationship is very special and that he doesn't know what he would do without it.  
  • Jo says at Danny's school hearing that he's the most amazing person.  
  • Danny and Jo both smile and laugh after they talk about his mom calling Regina out at the hearing.  
  • Jo tells Danny to text her after the hearing to let her know what happens with him being expelled or not.  

Out With The In-Crowd

  • Danny says to Jo he should have been the one that told her about his relationship with Lacey
  • Jo tells Danny she is sick of his excuses and him always lying and apologizing to her.
  • Danny tells Jo she is the most incredible person he's ever met.
  • Jo confesses to Danny her feelings for him but Danny tells her he still has feelings for Lacey after he says this she gets upset and says in a hurt and voice "Goodbye Danny." and walks away heartbroken.

Dead Men Tell Big Tales

  • When Danny is on the run ,he goes to Jo's house first.
  • Jo helps Danny find his dad.
  • Danny does what he can to protect Jo from being hurt by his dad.

Sins of the Father

  • After Vikram falls off the ravine from Danny hitting him to protect Jo, he runs his hand through her hair and asks her to look at him and that if she's okay and if his dad hurt her and Jo reassures him that she's fine.
  • Danny and Jo have a talk inside an abandoned church and sit close together and try to decide what to do next.
  • Jo tells Danny that she can go to the police and explain that Vikram dying was an accident and that Danny was trying to protect her from him.
  • After Jo tells Danny that she can go to the police to explain everything, he gently asks her who will believe her now that the whole town knows of her feelings for him.
  • Jo makes Danny promise her that he'll still be at the abandoned church the morning waiting for her and he agrees.
  • When Danny decides that he should leave Green Grove for good, Jo looks sad and heartbroken and tries to convince him not to leave and says there has to be another option.
  • Danny tells Jo he can't have what happened with his dad ruin her life, but she reassures him to not worry about her, he gently intervenes and says "Of course I'm worried about you Jo."
  • Danny tells Jo that he cannot go back to jail with pain in his eyes.
  • Jo says that if Danny is going to leave Green Grove, she can go home and pack him with supplies such as clothes, food and money to give him a headstart and Danny tells her not to but she says she wants to.
  • When Jo comes back to the abandoned church to look for Danny.
  • Danny tells Jo that he is not going to run and leave Green Grove because he cannot bear not seeing her again and she says she realized the same thing.
  • Danny says he will go to Chief Masterson to tell the entire truth about what happened with Vikram attacking them and Jo reassures him she'll be with him the entire time when he does.
  • Danny tells Jo that a part of him wanted his dad to die and Jo tells him that she doesn't blame him for it.
  • After Danny tells Jo he'll never know why his dad killed Tara Jo reassures him everyone knows he had nothing to do with her murder and that Danny deserves to be a normal guy and have a normal life.
  • Danny and Jo stand very close to one another while talking in her kitchen.
  • Danny goes outside to talk to Jo.
  • Danny tells Jo that he won't say anything about what happened with his dad for her protection (and for Lacey.) but mostly for Jo.
  • When Danny hugs Lacey, he and Jo exchange looks the entire time with all the reporters around.

Home Is Where the Hurt Is

  • When Danny is leaving the locker room to the soccer field, he bumps into Jo and they smile at each other.
  • Jo encourages Danny to ask Lacey to homecoming.
  • Danny and Jo have a talk at homecoming and she tells him to take his mind off about what happened with his dad and to have fun.

Danny Indemnity

  • Danny and Jo are left unsure if someone is trying to help them or blackmail them thanks to someone moving his dad's body.
  • Jo and Danny talk at school about her mom knowing that his dad was alive.
  • Jo tells Danny that they'll get through whatever happens with telling the police about what happened with his dad.
  • Danny asks Jo if she is sure if the police will believe them if they tell them the truth.
  • Danny and Jo walk together to the same cliff where his dad fell from to see if his body is still there, only to discover someone moved it.
  • Danny and Jo text each other while he's at Lacey's house and at the police station about his dad's "accident".
  • Danny and Jo sit together at the lunch table with Andie and Rico.
  • Danny calls Jo a lady showing how much he respects her.
  • Danny pulls Jo away from her table with Charlie to talk to her.
  • Danny tells Jo he's convinced that his mom moved his dad's body and that Jack was involved.
  • Danny grabs Jo's arm when they leave the auction to talk.
  • Danny tells Jo about the $10 million insurance policy he receives from his dad.
  • When Danny goes to Johnny Cakes to see Jo, he starts to open the door thinking she's alone but when Charlie comes to her table and sits across from her, he closes the door and leaves with a sad expression on his face.

The Son Also Falls

  • Lacey tells Danny that she's supposed to be his girlfriend, but "it's always been Jo".
  • Danny tells Jo that he told his mom what happened at the ravine with his dad but that she's on their side.
  • Jo tells Danny that she just wants to forget everything that happened and move forward and Danny asks her if she means from him but she stays quiet with a sad expression on her face.
  • Danny and Jo sit next to each other on her bed.
  • Danny tells Jo he told Lacey the entire truth about his dad and that they broke up.
  • Danny tells Jo what Lacey said, while strongly implying that she was right.

You're a Good Man, Charlie McBride

  • Jo confronts Danny about threatening Charlie.
  • Danny tells Jo that Charlie is manipulating her to get between them.
  • Jo tells Danny to stay away from her and to stay away from Charlie.
  • Danny goes to Jo's house to talk to her.
  • Danny tells Jo he was trying to keep her safe from his dad and that he hit him to protect both of them.
  • After Jo tells Danny, she and Charlie are going on a date, he walks away and scoffs in a jealous tone then slams the door.

Danny, Interrupted

  • Jo confronts Danny about Jack.
  • Danny grabs Jo's wrist away from his kitchen (possibly to do something else)
  • Danny is determined to prove that Charlie is trying to steal his life and Jo.
  • Danny realizes from Jack that he is in love with Jo but never knew.

A Tale of Two Confessions

  • Jo makes a confession in Danny's defense.
  • Danny is given an ankle monitor and cannot have any contact with Jo (but he ignores it).
  • Jo apologizes to Danny about not believing him about Charlie.
  • Danny accepted Jo's apology.
  • Danny sneaks into Jo's room because he really wanted to see her.
  • When Jo opens her room door, Danny is standing by her window and greets her, she then proceeds to say " You know there's a door downstairs? " then Danny points to her window and says " This isn't a door." then he smiles at her with a big grin on his face.
  • Danny says he couldn't wait to tell Jo his true feelings for her even though things got messed up between them.
  • Danny and Jo share a awkward/sweet hug. (almost looking like they were going to kiss).
  • Both Jo and Danny talk at school the next day and say that  they could not sleep from thinking about what happened last night.
  • Jo tells Danny she's wanted to hear him confess his love for her for forever.
  • Danny tells Jo he meant every word when she asks him if he meant that he was really in love with her.
  • After Jo says "Yeah we're back on the right tracks." she and Danny stare at each other lovingly.
  • Danny confesses to Jo his feelings for her and she is left confused so he gives her the night to sleep it off and think.
  • Danny romantically holds Jo's hand before he heads to class.
  • Jo smiles after Danny leaves.
  • Danny and Jo decide to go on a date by meeting at the statue by the library.
  • When Jo is kidnapped by Charlie, Danny tries calling and texting her.
  • Danny calls Jo's father to tell him her location.
  • Danny politely begs Charlie to put the knife down and let Jo go.
  • When Jo is talking to Lacey about Charlie and says he's bad news, and should stay away from him, Danny looks at her lovingly and says "especially you", sweetly.
  • Danny and Jo both smile and laugh after she says the school hallway is a bad place for them to talk about their relationship.
  • Danny tries as much as he can to save Jo from Charlie.
  • Danny tells Jo that when Lacey said "It's been Jo all along, it's always been Jo" that she was right.
  • Danny was willing to do anything to make sure he could find Jo and make sure she wasn't harmed by Charlie.
  • Danny and Jo talk about their relationship in private without Lacey.
  • After Jo tells Danny she'll see him by the statue by the library he slowly walks up next to her (almost looking like he was going to kiss her.)

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