Danny, Jo, and Lacey
The Play
General Information
Status: Danny and Lacey are broken up

Danny and Jo are in love with each other

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Danny, Jo, and Lacey are the main friendship group on Twisted.

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As Kids


  • Jancey (J/o, D/an/ny, La/cey)
  • Jacenny (J/o, L/ace/y, Da/nny
  • Jaceny (J/o, L/ace/y, Dan/ny)
  • Lonny (L/acey, J/o, Da/nny)
  • Lony (L/acey, J/o, Dan/ny)
  • Lanno (La/cey, Da/nn/y, J/o)
  • Lano (La/cey, Da/n/ny, J/o)
  • Daco (Da/nny La/c/ey, J/o)
  • Docey (D/anny, J/o, La/cey)



  • Danny remembered Jo and Lacey instantly when he first saw them in the hallway.
  • Jo still has a picture of them when they were younger.
  • Both Danny and Lacey take Jo home when she is drunk.
  • All three of them mention flashing back to being 11 again.
  • All three were invited to Regina's party (Lacey by Regina and/or may have helped come up with it, Jo was invited by Lacey and later on by Danny, and Danny was invited by Regina).
  • All three were at Regina's party.
  • Both Jo and Lacey think Danny is innocent (but Lacey is not as sure as Jo).
  • Danny regrets not growing up with Jo and Lacey.
  • Danny invites Lacey and, later on, Jo into his house and they both hesitate but agree to go in.
  • Aunt Tara used to babysit all three of them.
  • Danny admits he never meant to hurt Jo or Lacey.
  • Jo is the only other person, besides Karen, that knows Lacey spent the night at Danny's and promises not to tell anyone.

Grief Is a Five Letter WordEdit

  • Jo and Lacey were both scared when Danny (and Archie) had a fight.

PSA De ResistanceEdit

  • Danny, Jo, and Lacey perform the Drunk Driving play together

The Fest And The FuriousEdit

  • Danny, Jo, and Lacey talk to each other briefly at the Fall Fest Formal
  • Danny and Lacey meet Jo at the diner, where they show Jo the blackmail letter with two grand sent to Regina. This shows the beginning of their alliance to find out what really happened to Regina and how she died
  • Both Danny and Lacey were shocked and sad when they saw the video of Jo in assembly.

Three For The RoadEdit

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  • They went on a road trip too find the who lives in the apartment
  • They all try to get in
  • Jo and Lacey get Danny out of being sent back to juvie.

We Need To Talk About DannyEdit

  • Lacey, Danny, and Jo all meet up together at a crypt where Jo and Lacey try to get Danny to reveal why he killed his aunt.
  • Lacey and Jo end up revealing their knowledge to Danny that the Connecticut apartment belonged to his dad and their theories regarding his dad being involved with Regina, as well as his death not being an accident.

Danny, Jo, & Lacey VideosEdit