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Flawless Diva Flawless Diva 2 June 2014

ABC has ordered a full season of brand new TV series, "Selfie"!

ABC has picked up a brand new TV series, Selfie!

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Hannamarin7 Hannamarin7 19 April 2014

Young & Hungry-Tv series

Hello! everybody! Is anyone gonna watch the new upcoming series Young & Hungry? I can't believe that Emily Osment is gonna be the main characters. 
In “Young & Hungry,” two worlds collide when Josh (Sadowski), a wealthy young tech entrepreneur, meets Gabi (Osment), a feisty young food blogger, looking to be his personal chef. Gabi is desperate for The Job and must prove herself, mostly to Josh’s aide (Lee), who prefers a famous chef for The Job. When Josh enlists Gabi to prepare a romantic meal for him and his girlfriend, the dinner goes awry and Gabi finds herself in a very Awkward position. With the help of her best friend Sofia (Carrero) and Josh’s housekeeper (Whitley), Gabi turns a difficult situation into an opportunity for emplo…

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AnyoneAroundHerDies AnyoneAroundHerDies 17 April 2014

Twisted: Season Two

We need a second season of Twisted! Twisted should go on for sure! I totally hope ABC Family decides to renew it! :)

good news! there might be a second season of Twisted as there are all thesepositive comments about it!

Should Twisted be cancelled? What do u think?

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Nicole Janine Holbrook Nicole Janine Holbrook 20 March 2014

Do y'all think Jo & Danny will ever date

Do y'all guys think Jo & Danny wil ever date?

I really do hope they get to of course we will just have to watch and see. It looks like Danny is starting to have feelings for Jo now of course. I would like to see how that plays out.

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Hannahlillie58 Hannahlillie58 14 March 2014

Lacey's Secret

So, Lacey has a secret of her own also, but she can't tell it to anyone, not even Jo.

It's something maybe Danny already suspects (he hinted at it in the episode "The Son Also Falls".

It will be interesting to see how she manages to handle everything, including the recent breakup with Danny, and Jo moving on.  Maybe Whitney, will help take her mind off things or create more or bigger problems for her...??

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SmithAndGillan SmithAndGillan 15 February 2014


I don't know if anyone has seen this but if you see at the botton, Twisted Wiki has got itself a Spotlight


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Cbyerly Cbyerly 6 February 2014

Will Twisted get a season 2?

Hi All!

Is anyone worried that Twisted wont be renewed for a season 2? I know that the winter premire is next week but  I am afraid that ABC Family waited too long for the winter premire and viewers forgot or lost interest in Twisted?

What does everyone think?

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Spirit freak Spirit freak 6 February 2014

Should/will Twisted be renewed for another season?

By the title, you obviously get the question.

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Hannamarin7 Hannamarin7 25 January 2014

Young & Hungry

Hey! This wiki is searching for editing helpers! It is called Young & Hungry and it is a wiki about an upcoming tv series on ABC Family.

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Kween Katie Matlin Kween Katie Matlin 11 January 2014


Maybe Marilyn Rossi and Vikram were having an affair. Then, somehow Regina found out about it. They made her promise not to tell anyone and  kept sending her money to keep her mouth shut. That's why Regina got that stratch from Marilyn Rossi. Regina probably wanted to tell danny about it and she probably made up knowing why he killed his Aunt to get him to come to her house so she could tell him. When Vikram and Marilyn found out she was going to tell him, they killed her!!! Then Marilyn Rossi took Regina's necklace and put it in dannys locker so no one would suspect she did it. And since everyone thought Vik was dead he wouldn't be suspected either! I'm still unsure as to how Regina got that necklace and how Danny's fingerprints were on t…

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QueenBryannaXOXO QueenBryannaXOXO 11 January 2014


Anything crappy on the wiki?

Any bugs?

Any out of date stuff?

Any locked pages that should be unlocked?

Anything that could use improvement?

Just leave a comment below or contact me at My Wall.


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ThatAwkwardMomentWhen ThatAwkwardMomentWhen 19 December 2013

The Twisted Truth Is...

Hey! It's MattyAndJenna4Eva (I was hacked. Don't ask). This is just a blog I'm creating to let out my weird and TWISTED fantasies and theories about what's to come in S1B.

Twisted Truth 1: Danny hides away at Rico's house. That's right! That's my first prediction! He obviously needs a place to stay so I think that he'll show up on Rico's doorstep and beg for shelter! (can someone say awkward?) Even worse, what if he asks to hide out at Lacey's? Now that would be TRULY twisted.

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AnyoneAroundHerDies AnyoneAroundHerDies 8 December 2013

Admins and users, new block policies put into action

Hi Admins and Users.

Effective immediately, I and DeeMoShow have put new block policies into action. Twisted Wiki:Blocks

If anyone has any questions or suggestions for these new policies, please let I or DeeMoShow know on our message walls or here in the comments.

Thank you.

XOXO Serena

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AnyoneAroundHerDies AnyoneAroundHerDies 2 November 2013

Colored names

This is a message for admins only. name is Serena, in case u didn't already know :P

I have talked to Clary about this idea and I have tested it on my own account and it works! :)

I would like to offer all admins Custom Colored User Names for Admins! :)

For example whenever I edit anything or on Wiki activity or ANYWHERE my username comes up in Hot pink because I made it that way.

Please tell me what color you want your name to be and I'll make it possible Asap!

Thank u for reading!

XOXO Serena

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Creddie 4 real Creddie 4 real 14 September 2013

SOPA-Stop Online Piracy Act (Please Read)

Everyone, please read this :

I was just on fanfiction and I saw this ^^ This targets basically all of us on this wikia. If you write fanfictions, make fanart, ect. If this bill is passed, you can be arrested for it.

Please spread the word!

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MattyAndJenna4Eva MattyAndJenna4Eva 7 September 2013

Finale thoughts, theories, questions and other chiz

So, I've decided to create a blog about my thoughts theories and such about the finale.

So, I loved the finale. It ran a little slow but I loved the ending (Vikram's alive?!?). The relationships are all messed up!! Danny still like Lacey, Jo is in love with Danny but slept with Tyler and Rico KISSED JO! (Having feels atm) What did ya'll think of everything? And how long has Tess been in contact with Vikram?

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Cuirthir723 Cuirthir723 5 September 2013

Thoughts on show relationships

Hi, just joined the wiki community :)  I wanted to share some thoughts I had about a couple of the relationships on the show and maybe get some input from the community here.  I'm loving the show so far and I've noticed the fandom's been growing by leaps and bounds since the pilot, which is great to see!

First, I was wondering what people's thoughts are on Jo/Tyler, especially with the way things went in the mid-season finale. First, a bit of a confession - I love Jo, Janny, and Jico but I'm really not liking the Jo/Tyler thing.  Does he seem kind of...creepy... to anyone else?  I guess I'm still not over that sadistic prank he pulled on Danny.  And just his whole vibe with the masks and the videos, and his aspirations to be the next Michae…

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Nikkisimona5 Nikkisimona5 1 September 2013

Why I believe Dacey is not over

This is going to be short because I need to start getting ready for bed, but I wanted to write my thought down before sleeping.

I strongly believe Danny & Lacey are not over with their relationship. Based on what I witnessed in the Season Finale LAcey & Danny both strongly still have feelings for each other. I saw it when Danny was waiting for Lacey by her car. Danny looked sad when Lacey mentioned making her own bad decisions in regards to DAnny expressing gulit on what was going on in her life. Danny also showed his feelings were still present when he told her to call him after leaving Jo's home & by a look of longing towards her while she walked to her car. It was a look of sadness/ caring//longing I should say. He also climbed up into h…

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KatieFoster KatieFoster 31 August 2013

Jo and Danny (and a bit of Danny and Lacey)

After the finale, I'm certain Jo and Danny aren't siblings and that Janny is endgame, and here's why.

After their scene in 1x7 last month(, someone posted this; "No way. Can't be siblings at all. I think he just puts Jo on an untouchable pedestal because he does not want to lose her. She's the only one who's always there for him. So he vows not to screw it up by getting in a relationship. But boys are boys and Lacey is very pretty. So he takes that 'frustration' and turns it loose on Lacey. Lacey was his first kiss after all. But I support Janny. It's much more romantic and healthy."

and then Danny says the same thing during the park scene in the finale(which was really raw and natural by the way.…

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Truefriend101 Truefriend101 29 August 2013

Why I think Danny and Jo are brother and sister

Danny and Jo are bother and sister and nothing you say can change my opinion on this. If the season finale wasn't enough proof for you than you my friend, are in a stage of deep aggressive denial.

Firstly- its not even the fact that Danny doesn't reciprocate Jo's feelings, it's the way he said he'll "never" be able to feel the same way. When Jo said to him

"I cant move on unless I know, unless I'm sure that you could never feel the same way

He didn't say anything, which in his way is a polite no. I'm not going to lie, Jo is beautiful, smart, and witty. Why wouldn't Danny think that one day he could potentially love her back the way she loves him? Its the way he implies that he's "never"going to return the feelings. You know why? Because she'…

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Cayaforever Cayaforever 22 August 2013

Finale Predictions

In the finale Jo is going to do something that she may regret that will change her as a women. From the promos where she is seen kissing Tyler, I think she is going to do something she will regret with Tyler. In the promo it also looks like she goes to Ricos house and it looks like they kissed. Also Rico will make a conffesion as well as Jo. Danny will be at his lowest point. Everything will be left open ended. I think Lacey is going to decide to choose her friends over Danny and Danny is going ot try to mend things over with Jo but after knowing Danny was with Lacey and having that kept from her, I dont know if Jo will forgive him, especially after she makes this dramatic decision. Those are my thoughts and predictions.

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SmithAndGillan SmithAndGillan 22 August 2013

Twisted Live Chat

Get Excited!

I guess they will be doing a Twisted Live chat for the fans so send in your questions on Monday.Who Will Join.

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SmithAndGillan SmithAndGillan 16 August 2013

September 2013 Featured Articles

This is the featured Articles for Septemeber and will appear on the side of the pages.These are the categories you must do in the side bar.

Featured episode:

Featured character:

Featured cast member:

Featured pairing:

Featured user:

Fill this out in the comments.

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SmithAndGillan SmithAndGillan 15 August 2013

Thoughts on Summer Finale

So I thought on doing a blog on what you all think may happen in the summer finale Out With The In-Crowd.

My theory is that they will realize who poisoned Cole and I think it's Archie who done it since he don't like Danny and maybe he wants him off the team so he can win. I also think that everyone will be bugging out with the Dacey kiss that Doug filmed but I think he will try to make sure to take it off as his friend told him to put the video out to everyone. I also think that in this episode the killer will be revealed and I think its Vikram because he seems really connected with Regina and they said they never found the body of Vikram Desai.I also think that Jo will reveal her love for Danny and they might start going out and Rico may g…

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Creddie 4 real Creddie 4 real 14 August 2013

Thoughts on Last Night's Episode: 'Poison of Intrest'

Okay, I have just watched last night's episode......Whoa...

I really don't know why some people didn't like last night's episode, it was great! :)

One thing that really upsets me is about how people are getting mad about Jo's statement in the hearing. Seriously??????!!!!!!! That's what people are focusing on? Are you freaking kidding? Of all the bad things that happened to Jo, Danny, and Lacey, you chosse to hate on Jo for her statement in court?! SMDH.

I mean, Jo could've said more to Danny's defense, but so could've everyone else. The point is, Jo stood up for him, whether she confessed her crush or not.

There are more reasons to be upset, such as:

1. Danny is expelled!!

2. The video is out, and Danny and Lacey are going to be in deep sh*t.

3. I have…

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CinnamonPoptart CinnamonPoptart 12 August 2013

Do you think Dacey will get back together?

Hey fellow Dacey fans I know most of you are upset about the break up in The Truth Will Out do you think they will get back together in the 12 episodes remaining?

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Creddie 4 real Creddie 4 real 3 August 2013

Danny and Jo Are Related?

Lately, ever since Tess (Jo's mom) said that she used to date Vikram in high school, a lot of Dacey shippers assume that Jo and Danny are half siblings.

Whoever thinks they are half siblings, why do you think so? Is it because Danny said that Jo is 'like his sister'?

Or is it just because Tessa and Vikram used to date in high school?

There's nothing wrong with making theories, that's why they call it #TwistedTheory, but a lot of Dacey shippers firmly believe that Danny and Jo are half siblings. Why?

  1. Jo and Danny look nothing alike. I'm sure if they really were half siblings they would have some resemblance, but they look nothing alike. If people thought Danny and Lacey were half siblings, I could more understand, because they look somewhat alike. …
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Lincoln Burrows Lincoln Burrows 28 July 2013

Tess and Vikram

Am I the only one that thinks they had an affair?

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SmithAndGillan SmithAndGillan 28 July 2013

Offline For A Week :(

Like the title says I will be offline July 28th - 3rd August.This will not be forever as I will be gone for a week. I will miss you all when I will be gone as I will have no WiFi :(

Since all the admins will be gone during that week, we have decided to use Temporary Administrators till we get back. These are ArianaGrandeForever and Taleb1 so please be nice to them and stuff.

SO Goodbye


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DeeMoShow DeeMoShow 25 July 2013

Admin Request

Hi Twisted Wiki users!

It looks like BakedAlaska is now inactive, and she was demoted. She will be missed.

Therefore, I am looking for ONE new administrator.

  • You must have been editing here for at least 2 months.
  • You need to be active.
  • Wikia Contributors will not be admins.

There are no editing requirements, but the more edits the better.

Please tell me a little about yourself and why you should be admin if you decide to request.

Good luck everyone! :)

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Creddie 4 real Creddie 4 real 23 July 2013

Who Do You Think Killed Regina And Why?

The poll on the front page gave me an idea for this new Blog.

Aside from the whole Janny and Dacey debates going on now, I really want to know who killed Regina, and I don't think it's Danny.

I know he didn't.

I think Archie did it, Sarita did it, or it could probably be Rico.

I Don't Think Vickram Killed Regina: I highly doubt Vickram did it. Maybe he did, maybe he didn't. If he did,  that means that Danny would be crushed. And from the flashback, it looked like Danny was close to his father. If his father is alive that means that he knows that Danny is the number one suspect for Regina's murder. I don't think Vickram would kill Regina, knowing that his son will be accused for something that he didn't do. I'm sure Vickram loved Danny, so I doubt…

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Truefriend101 Truefriend101 21 July 2013

Twisted Spoilers updated

1-7 "We Need to Talk About Danny" July 23 Jo goes on a date with Tyler (Chris Zylka), Phoebe's brother. He holds a party at the cemetery.

Rico confronts Jo about her obsession with Danny's case.

Kyle's working with another cop, Eddie (Aaron Hill) to find the necklace. Kyle has a tip about its whereabouts. When Karen fails a job interview, Kyle attempts to win her trust.

Lacey and Jo want answers from Danny about his secrets, but they end up revealing one of their own secrets.

A soccer problem leads to consequences for Danny. Lacey defends Danny against Archie's verbal abuse.

1-8 "Doc-Trauma" July 30 Kyle grills Karen about the necklace. Kyle has a surprise for Karen . . .and her lawyer won't be happy. Karen makes a shocking revelation.


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MattyAndJenna4Eva MattyAndJenna4Eva 16 July 2013



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Creddie 4 real Creddie 4 real 12 July 2013

What do YOU dislike about Janny/Dacey?

Hi Twisted fans!

I ship Janny. (JoxDanny)

The reason I made this blog, is to talk about what you like about your ship and what you DON'T like about the other ship in a civilized manner.

  • No bashing either ship.
  • Don't insult people.

I'll start:

I ship Janny. I used to ship Dacey like in the first two episodes of Twisted. I stopped shipping Dacey because of Lacey's character. She was constantly being mean to Danny and Jo, and she cared more about her image and what people thought of her. She never wanted to be seen in public with Danny, because she just cared about her image. Whenever Sarita, Scott, or Archie tormented or insulted Danny, Lacey had not once tried to stop them, or stick up for Danny. She just stood there saying nothing. But still, Da…

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Alisia21221 Alisia21221 9 July 2013

Team Dacey

I'm writing a page about/for Danny.

Some people think that Jo and Danny would be a great couple, but i want Dacey, i mean they almost kiss,


I mean i cant let that slide. So i'm Team Dacey. I know people think that Lacey should just go away but, i think know that Lacey's better than that. I care about Lacey and Danny's relationship. Mostly Jo and Danny because i fear that they might kiss one day and i'll be devasted.

When the promo of the 5th episode when Lacey and Danny was about to kiss. i screamed through the top of my lungs. i could barely sleep. i stayed up for hours waiting for the promo and the sneak peek for the episode. And i realized that i waited for nothing. That first sneak peek sucked because all it was was a Lacey and Jo a…

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Cabbie0420 Cabbie0420 7 July 2013

I don't understand this Lacey hate at all...

I don't understand this random wave of hate towards Lacey. People are saying that Lacey's a bitch and that Lacey doesn't deserve Danny. Lacey is an angel compared to Sarita. Sarita's a bitch, that's her character. Sarita embarrassed Jo in front of the entire school for no reason, yet Lacey is getting more hate for not talking to Danny. Regina (Lacey's best friend) was just murdered, and Danny is a possible killer. Lacey is beautiful and to the people that think otherwise... go drown ♥

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SmithAndGillan SmithAndGillan 3 July 2013

Ship Warring Even Worse

As you all know we have the pairing pages but on the Janny page there has been lots of it.We have had a blog on this before but it has gotten worse.If this happens any time soon we will be taking the pairing pages off.

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SmithAndGillan SmithAndGillan 29 June 2013

Number Tricks

These are some Number Tricks to enjoy :D

  • 1 Your Number
  • 2 Trick 1
  • 3 Trick 2
  • 4 Trick 3
    • 4.1 Enjoy :)

Step 1: Pick a random number

Step 2: Double the number you have thought.

Step 3: Add 6 with the getting result.

Step 4: Half the answer, that is divide it by 2.

Step 5: Take away the number you have thought from the answer, that is, subtract the answer from the number you have thought.

You Should get 3 as your answer.

Step 1: Pick a random number

Step 2: Subtract the number you have thought with 1.

Step 3: Multiply the result with 3.

Step 4: Add 12 with the result.

Step 5: Divide the answer by 3.

Step 6: Add 5 with the answer.

Step 7: Take away the number you have thought from the answer, that is, subtract the answer from the number you have thought.

You Should get 8…

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Crazy For Rock Crazy For Rock 28 June 2013

Rock N Roll Is Culture

Just saying. Is better than Pop music tbh.

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MissRainbow MissRainbow 27 June 2013

Japanese music

I'm just curious, but does anyone like J-rock on this wiki? :) or any Japanese thing, like anime, manga, culture, fashion, food, etc. I'm kind of a Japan-freak, lol

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Cabbie0420 Cabbie0420 27 June 2013

Even More Dacey ♥

Yesterday's episode was nice. I liked how Danny and Archie are slowly turning into friends. I loved how Danny was trying to get close to Lacey agian even though he wasn't succesful. He even tryed to kiss her.......For the 2nd time! 

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SmithAndGillan SmithAndGillan 26 June 2013

Ship Warring

There has been a lot of Ship Warring on the Janny and Dacey page and most of them are Anon so we have decided to take anon off since its been happening a lot.If any anons want to come back then I suggest making an account.Be sure to follow our policies.

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Crazy For Rock Crazy For Rock 24 June 2013

Crazy girls about Spagherico

A bitch said on twitter: Rico stop eating your fucking spaghetti, Jo's parents are arguing with Danny's mom and Danny just left the room. Put your fucking forks down

So we got very angry and started to talk about Spagherico aka me and Carica's true otp for life.

Here's the convo

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MissRainbow MissRainbow 23 June 2013


Well as always when I write my first blog on a wiki I usually just say hi. But now I ask something, too :D

So I just wanted to know, does any of you watch Sam & Cat, too? 'Cause that show and Twisted seem so much different and ever since two of the Victorious cast members moved on to two totally different shows, I wonder if the good old Victorious fandom stayed together and some of you watch both Twisted and Sam & Cat :) No hate, just asking, haha

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Crazy For Rock Crazy For Rock 23 June 2013


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Crazy For Rock Crazy For Rock 22 June 2013

Twisted Fanfiction

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Lalaland16 Lalaland16 20 June 2013


Hi twisted wiki. Start helping out Twisted Wiki and watch the shows!We need 2 million views episode 3!


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Kayla :) Kayla :) 17 June 2013

Check out the new ABC Family series The Fosters!

Hey Twisted fans, if you haven't checked out The Fosters a new series on the ABC Family website I suggest that you should! The Fosters is about Lena  and Stef Foster  and interracial lesbian couple who raises Stef's  biological son named Brandon  along with several other adoptive children. Lena is an altruistic school principal who is determined to save children. She decides to taken in a "troubled" teen with an abusive past named Callie who also turns the family's lives upside down. Stef is a tough, but also kind, police officer who isn't in a rush to add more people to the family. Lena tries to bring new children to the family without Stef knowing. The series just started like Twisted if you're looking to watch The Fosters, also check ou…

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Cabbie0420 Cabbie0420 16 June 2013

Dacey ♥

Ok ..... I cant believe that people are already shipping this early in the show. But that doesn't mean that I'm against it. i love Danny and Lacey's relationship. At first I wasn't very fond of Dacey until I saw the bedroom scene. It was heart racing because Lacey is popular and Danny is a "socio" (and Lacey is dating Archie). They are cute and i love them to bits.

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DeeMoShow DeeMoShow 16 June 2013

Our crazy time on chat

We had a crazy time on chat we played Two truths and a lie we met some new users 

Then a troll came on and it was like a huge party and you had to answer game show questions after winning the Two truths and a lie :D

the winner was XGlass Reflection. congrats :P

then we promoted everyone to mod and we kicked each other for like 5 minutes and then i demoted everyone.

crazy chat night :D

awesome :D

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