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• 11/27/2017

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• 1/16/2017

Anyone still watch Twisted?

Bc i just started it and it truly got to me and im obsessed!!
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• 4/27/2014

New poll

So I noticed that the poll on the main page is a bit outdated as it asks whether or not users are excitd about the next episode (1x12) in January 2014. I was thinking it might be cool to update it and change it something like:
Are you hoping Twisted will be renewed for a second season?
Do you think Twisted will be renewed for a second season?
What do y'all think?
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• 4/22/2014


Hello fellow wikians.
I am officially resigning and stepping down from my position as bureaucrat and administrator, and leaving wiki. I just can't take the stress and bullying anymore, like @FearlessDiva said.
To all those hating on me, goodbye. To all my friends, goodbye.
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• 4/21/2014

Jo & Danny

So as you could see from The Tale of Two Confessions Danny confessed his feelings for Jo and most of us who are Janny are wondering what's going to happen next so feel free to put out any predictions you have but keep them apporpriate as such so have fun and keep things twisted ;) 
(P.S.) No Shipwarring whatsoever
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• 4/20/2014

Will Twisted Be Renewed

Hey all,
Just y'all think Twisted will be saved and renewed for a second season? I hope so! But I'm worried that it'll be permanently axed :/
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• 4/14/2014

Inactive admins mods and rollbacks

Hi everyone!:)
It has come to my attention that three two of our admins, and all our mods and rollbacks are inactive!!
I have been away for a month or two and I came back and this place was full of inactive admins and mods, therefore I have demoted admins, mods, or rollbacks who have been inactive for periods of time larger than 1 month without vacation or hiatus notice to the community
NOTE: We are in need of admins, chat moderators, and comment team/rollbacks. If you are interesting in applying, reply below.
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• 3/13/2014

Danny the big Blubberer!

Dannys self-pityness is getting so annoying !!........... And now suddenly he is in love with Jo !? .........
And pls cut your hair dude !
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• 3/11/2014
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• 12/30/2013
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• 10/28/2013

Pairing Pages - Registered Users Only

Hello users.
I would like to inform you that as of now all pairing pages are locked to unregistered users. To edit them u must sign in or create an account. Please note that if u are creating an account, u must have been on the wiki for 5 or 6 days and made 10 page edits (not just ur profile page). 
If u are unable to create an account and you have some information you would like to add, please contact me or another admin and we will add it for u!
Thank you.
Serena A.K.A. AlisonNeedsToComeHome
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• 10/24/2013

November 2013 Featured Articles

The most voted for will appear on the sidebar of the pages for Featured Articles.
Please cast ur vote for the following categories! :) 

Featured Episode
Featured Character
Featured Cast Member
Featured Pairing
Featured User
Most Helpful User of the Month
By the way u can nominate yourself for Featured User or Most Helpful User of the Month! good luck everyone!
Xoxo Serena DeVipres
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• 8/28/2013

Jo and Tyler

I cannot imagine that Jo actually sleeps with Tyler and I am thinking that nothing happened but kissing and heavy petting with no tops on.  Even Tyler asks Jo if this was her first "Kiss".  That was all!
Am i the obnly one that is hoping that nothing more than that happened?
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• 8/21/2013


Whats Jo's real name?  Is it like Josaphine?
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• 8/21/2013

Rico & Jo

Did anyone else see in the promo vid that Jo pulls away from Rico after a kiss!?!?!?!
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• 8/21/2013

Jo's Secret Connection

Idk if anyone else said this first but i'm gonna just say it
The big secret is.......
Jo is Danny's hafl sister, think if anyone found out it would
A.Destroy Vikram and Karen's Marriage
B.Destroy Kyle and Tess's Marriage
C.Cause a strain in Danny and Jo's friendship
also Danny knows the secret (obviously) a hint was the wording he use when denying liking Jo "she's like a sister to me" he could have said anything else but he chose those words
and there are studies that have proven that siblings that are seperated have a attraction and love that they assume is sexual which it's not it is there minds tricking them
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• 8/17/2013


i was wondering if anyone new the band that played the last song in the latest eppisode of twisted.
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• 8/10/2013

Twisted 1x11

This is the episode I have been waiting for and I can't wait. The synopsis would suggest that Danny and Lacey actually slept together. Oh this show is getting better with every episode.
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• 8/3/2013


i think danni is a sociopath and he is just using the two girls. now dont get me wrong he seems nice but i am wondering if he has some deep dark secret. even worse than the reason he killed his aunt. so ya dont be mean to me about this is just my opinion
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• 7/25/2013

New Administrators are needed.

Hello everyone! :)
I decided to change the guidelines a little. We will be looking for ONE admin. Right now you don't need to have a specific amount of edits, but the more the better. :)
You must have been editing here for 2 months, though.
All applications are welcome! Good luck everyone.
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